We speed up your dining service and increase sales
We ensure fast service and quick sales

We ensure happy takeaways and repeated / increased sales

Key highlights of the software

  • Touch screen Order (KOT) and Billing
  • Unlimited forced questions and modifiers
  • Pickup or Takeaway order processing
  • Manages employee hours and manage payroll
  • Recall items by numbers in cash register mode
  • Increase in ticket size with cross-promotions
  • Smart Kitchen Display System for Clear KOT
  • Increase staff efficiency and increase revenue
  • Analyses purchase patterns and eliminate unnecessary purchases
  • Scan and Track retail items
  • Customer loyalty program and point generation
  • Graphs and Chart for better analysis
  • Tag each item with photo for easy identification
  • Printing KOT to remote kitchens
  • Analyses your guest's eating habits for suggestive selling
  • Generate reports with graphs for quick decision
  • Physical Stock taking and Variance reporting
  • Compare and evaluate business performance
  • Analyses menu items and eliminate those are killing profits
  • Food Costing and Menu Engineering
  • Built-in financial account with GST
  • Chain outlet management
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Along with great food, speed of service and fast checkout are the factors that ensures success and customer loyalty for a quick service restaurant. Customer are here for a quick bite or a pickup and expects quick service. Be it a latte or espresso, burger or a sandwich, they are very particular with their food preferences, modifiers and choice of toppings. FusionResto is designed to meet the needs and standards of the fast-paced environment of quick service restaurants.

FusionResto is ready-to-use software for quick service restaurant, take away , ice cream parlors and coffee shops. Be it a single restaurant or a chain, it connects all the end-to-end business functions and keeps you ahead of the competition from other similar and large restaurants. Unlike others, it makes you profits sooner, reach break-even faster and open new outlets quicker

With it’s intelligent point of sale system, ordering any item is just a few seconds away. It’s customizable menu screen, items with photographs, forced questions and modifiers will ensure that the server never go wrong in order taking. A Kitchen Display System will ensure clear display of KOT and enable server to serve more customers in the shortest time. It increases your productivity, improves customer satisfaction and streamlines your back-end processes.

Powerful backend module of FusionResto, efficiently manages the recipe and production, food costing and menu engineering. It provides strict control on raw material purchase and supplier payments and ensures healthy supply chain management. An efficient physical stock taking and variance report system makes your kitchen staff more responsible. It handles complex discounts, gift vouchers, combo, happy-hour pricing, product or category based offers and seasonal or bill-value based promotions.

FusionResto goes a step further and offers all your reporting and analysis in one place. A sales report provides an overview of all of the transactions you have completed during a selected time period. The summary report shows gross sales, tax collected, net sales, tips, total guests, table turn time, and a breakdown of all service types and payment methods

FusionResto reports are designed to provide you with an overview of the sales metrics you really care about, at a high level. From there, it drills down to the transaction level to gain a more detailed insight into sales as they relate to orders, payments, shifts and accounts. These reports quickly surfaces all voids, discounts, and refunds. The reports also points to the servers and managers who are giving and approving these sales excetions.

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For a single outlet or a chain, RanceLab is a ready-to-use software for Restaurant businesses. It takes care of your billing (POS), finance, inventory, customer loyalty, supply chain, payroll, analysis, promotions, and offers. Unlike other software, it makes you profit sooner, reach the break-even faster, and open new outlets quicker.

As soon as your organization grows, you will like to have a system that offers 360 degree solutions to your requirements. RanceLab perfectly fits into that and adapts to your business needs and offers modules that scale your business.

RanceLab can be installed and used in various ways that suit your infrastructure. It can be installed on a local machine (desktop or pos) or network of machines. It can be hosted on the cloud and accessed from anywhere. It is a perfect companion for a single location or chain of locations.

Desktop software does not require the Internet to function. However, the cloud-hosted application requires Internet connectivity. You may use your own mobile data to keep the operations running.

We offer 24/7 support via various support channels such as phone, email, online ticket, web FAQ, online manual, context-sensitive built-in help, dedicated support / account managers.

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