Most Advanced Restaurant Management Software

with Advanced Point of Sale Features

RanceERP has advanced POS features that trump other software having just the POS billing module.

High-Performance POS
Works on POS, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile, Onsite & Cloud, Online and Offline
Multiple Service Modes
Dining, Take Away, Delivery, Self-ordering Kiosk & Reservation. All works seamlessly, together
Eliminates kitchen nightmare Robust KOT printing and display mechanism, both works perfectly
Marketplace Integration
Website or App, Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda and Uber Eats. Connects all to POS
Fully Digital, Say No to Paper
Contribute to the environment, go paperless. Digital receipts will be sent on SMS & email
Everything You Need
Join & Move table, Split by Item, Seat or Amount, Multiple Modes of Paymen


Power of Connectivity and Collaboration

Transforms your business into an intelligent enterprise

Highly Scalable FusionResto is implemented in more than one way: host it on a cloud, run it independently on a single system placed in your outlet, use it on multiple network computers in a single outlet, use it across multiple outlets. It will run on-premises as well as hosted on your private cloud or public cloud.

Connect using Remote Data Service: No need of setting up a database at the branch or laptops of traveling executives. Collaborate multiple geographical locations seamlessly with built-in Team System. Branch accounting, Club multiple locations under the same company.

With FusionResto you and your co-workers can all work at the same time. Just enter the data and FusionResto saves it on a server where all team members can access it and get to work. It ensures that you do not have to duplicate the work. Team System also ensures that each team member gets to see the relevant data only.

Experience the Best Modular System

Specially crafted business modules by industry experts

FusionResto is an independent and selective modular solution, that is scientifically designed to increase your sales, reduce costs and leakages. Move beyond the basic billing software. On-premise or in the cloud, FusionResto manages every aspect of your business – from financials and loyalty to supply chain and purchasing.

FusionResto further automates key processes to control costs and scale efficiently as you grow. From improving cash flows to increasing visibility while cutting costs, each individual module is designed to empower your organization growth. Keep adding FusionResto modules at your own pace; it makes all the relevant data online and effective immediately.

Enterprise Chain Outlet Management

Connects all your locations in real-time

You just need simple dial up or broadband internet connection. No need to have fixed IP or leased lines. The smart client technology allows each location to work independently even if the internet connectivity is lost. Whenever the connectivity is stored it syncs the data automatically with head office. FusionResto multi location brings you enterprise wide connectivity across all of your outlets, central kitchen and back office.

Centralized Control

Creates your own fully configurable robust system

System information flow, features, working options and default settings are fully configurable. FusionResto uses a simple yes-no type of configuration to adopt the business policy, user or system. Robust security and user permissions determine which transactions, masters and reports features may be created, modified or accessed by each user and user group. You can even set a default screen for the user to specific transactions only. All the settings like printing, options and security are centrally controlled. This means there is Zero Setup at branch location. The setup does not require special skills at the branch location.

Occasionally Connected Clients

Carry out outlet operations without worrying about connectivity

If you cannot afford to lose sales, customer and revenue just for unreliable internet connection, deploying a web based application obviously won't work. Consider FusionResto. You can carry out all the outlet operations without worrying about the connectivity. Everything gets updated automatically when it gets the next connection.

ERP Applications

Integration with ERP Software System

RanceLab offers an integration with most advanced and popular ERP systems such as SAP R3, SAP Business One and Oracle ERP System. For large chain or a business with a production unit running on any of the above ERP software may have access to these integration

Real-time Synchronization

Real-time synchronization of your enterprise data

When the internet connectivity is stable, FusionResto automatically synchronizes the data real-time. This means you do not have to wait for the day to end or manually process the batch of data. The data is automatically synchronized based on the data sending rules. This gives you ultimate control on what data should synchronize. The best part is that no human intervention is required. No manual import and export.

Centralized Call Center

Centralized order taking and processing, increases revenue

Centralized food ordering management system via telephones. Operators on the phone can take orders from customers and punch them in the system. Orders are transferred to the outlet in the closest proximity to the customer for quick and efficient delivery.

Quick Deployment

Quick implementation, minimal IT expertise

FusionResto can import master data, transactional data and reports from other systems to get started. It supports the import of data from Excel, CSV, TAB and XML. The templates provided by the implementation team helps you build correct master data in no time. The super easy user interface helps you to train new operators in minimal time.

Franchise Management

Increases your presence, attracts more opportunities

Be it company operated (COCO) or franchisee operated (FOCO), FusionResto manages all and grows your network. Transfer or Sell products and materials to franchisees directly from the FusionResto system. Maintain different pricing for different groups of franchisees or different geographical regions. Franchisees can raise indents and you can issue invoices for the purchased items. Integrated power packed financial accounting system tracks posts necessary accounting entries, manages outstanding, generates receivables and tracks receipts, enabling you to maintain the branch accounting with complete peace of mind!

Enterprise Reports and Analysis

Provides real time review of progress and performance

FusionResto is built with powerful and yet simple to use analytics to view overall sales, taxes, payments, inventory and related information. With a few taps, you can see the performance of your business, and let you zoom-in to see the details of every transaction at every outlet of your enterprise. All of the information is displayed in a simple and actionable format right on your mobile device to help you make informed business decisions.

Regular Update

Keeps your system up to date, all the time

The update process is built in the application itself. Once the server is updated using the "Auto Update" function, all the clients get updated automatically. FusionResto automatically looks for updates and intimates users of the same. Users can manually check for new updates as well.

Enterprise Loyalty Solution

Flexible and Scalable loyalty solution for your Restaurant Chain

FusionResto enterprise loyalty solutions create and float various engagement campaigns. It runs on a centralized customer database and offers earn and redeem points benefits across all outlets to all the customers. With this program you can create cards at the central head office and assign to individual outlets. The prime benefits includes acquire new customers, retain existing customers, convert inactive customers to active, increase in number of customers, increase customer frequency, increase in average ticket size and quick identification of high vs low spenders

Omni-channel Enterprise Support

Product support by Industry Experts

Enterprise businesses are different and need more attention and personalization. With a dedicated account manager and support manager, this need is well addressed. We also rope in industry consultants, cost and chartered accountant, on a case to case basis. All our team members have years of industry experience and are comfortable to work with. Support channels are made available 24 x 7 for you to ensure you get assistance when you need it. We offer omni-channel support including one-to-one personal trainer, email, live chat, phone, faq, online, remote support and onsite visit by an expert professional.

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For a single outlet or a chain, RanceLab is a ready-to-use software for Restaurant businesses. It takes care of your billing (POS), finance, inventory, customer loyalty, supply chain, payroll, analysis, promotions, and offers. Unlike other software, it makes you profit sooner, reach the break-even faster, and open new outlets quicker.

As soon as your organization grows, you will like to have a system that offers 360 degree solutions to your requirements. RanceLab perfectly fits into that and adapts to your business needs and offers modules that scale your business.

RanceLab can be installed and used in various ways that suit your infrastructure. It can be installed on a local machine (desktop or pos) or network of machines. It can be hosted on the cloud and accessed from anywhere. It is a perfect companion for a single location or chain of locations.

Desktop software does not require the Internet to function. However, the cloud-hosted application requires Internet connectivity. You may use your own mobile data to keep the operations running.

We offer 24/7 support via various support channels such as phone, email, online ticket, web FAQ, online manual, context-sensitive built-in help, dedicated support / account managers.

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