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Dining, Take Away, Delivery, Self-ordering Kiosk & Reservation. All works seamlessly, together
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Marketplace Integration
Website or App, Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda and Uber Eats. Connects all to POS
Fully Digital, Say No to Paper
Contribute to the environment, go paperless. Digital receipts will be sent on SMS & email
Everything You Need
Join & Move table, Split by Item, Seat or Amount, Multiple Modes of Paymen


Recipe Management

The crucial ingredient to your restaurant’s success

FusionResto recipe management system centrally captures all the recipes for each of the menu items. It also supports semi-finished items, which are used to produce the final items. It also supports entering the recipe for numbers or portions. While planning a buffet breakfast for a day or running a full kitchen, you also get the list of raw materials required by the kitchen. Other than prime costs, you also get to feed and get a report of overhead needed to produce a portion. It designates a plan for daily preparation and manages staff’s time more efficiently. Following a daily production list makes it easier to track usage and set par levels. Proper planning helps to ensure that you won't run out of product. With an effective recipe management system in place, it is easier to train a new hire and inspect quality and status of completion.

Food Cost and Variance Control

Increases profitability with accurate food costing

A profitable restaurant typically generates a 28%-35% food cost. Alongwith labor costs, these expenses consume 50%-75% of total sales. Because of the impact food cost makes on an operation, food cost is one of the first things restaurants examine and control regularly. FusionResto provides simple yet powerful ways to manage and review the food cost and keep your bottom-line in place. It generates the food costing report on the real-time sales and stock journal entries. FusionResto supports two methods of viewing food costing: food costing based on total sales and based on cost of goods sold (COGS).

Shortage, Wastage and Excess

Improves inventory management, reduces waste

One of the many ways to book inventory of finished items at a restaurant or a food-joint is stock journal. Outlet managers often report inventory under shortage or wastage or spoilt head; sometimes even excess. They do this as they have to reconcile the inventory to match the count. With FusionResto Stock Journal, one can record the same in the system under their respective head and analyse the same on regular intervals to avoid loss of inventory and keep it sync with books. It includes procedures for disposal and writing-off stock with a proper recording and auditing system.

Auto Consumption

Automatic production and consumption entry based on recipe

FusionResto effectively manages your base kitchen and production. Recipe management system automatically calculates the actual stock needed for consumption and keeps your food cost under control. Powerful production module auto calculates raw material consumption and auto posts consumption entries as and when sale happens. Built-in stock journal effectively lets you post and book process excess, wastage and shortage during the process

Menu Engineering

Increases profit per guest without compromising the quality

The simple objective of menu engineering is to increase profit per guest at a restaurant. This is achieved through a careful analysis of the profitability and popularity of individual menu items, followed by the placement of items on the menu to encourage guests to choose particular dishes. These include making decisions based on data rather than intuition and results that can be easily tracked and modified.

FusionResto uses the menu mix and gross profit margin to determine the relative performance of each menu item and classifies them in a profit-popularity index as high-high, high-low, low-low and low-high. It also gives you a way of refreshing your menu without the fear of losing profit. This helps you to balance the menu with popular items and profitable items. You also get to see how your signature items are performing as compared to other items in the menu with high sales quantity.

Physical Stock and Discrepancy

Keeps your inventory health check up, reduces pilferage and theft

It allows you to regularly monitor and increase gross profit, reduce pilferage, theft and waste. Stock taking allows you to keep an accurate track of the physical stock you have, what’s been issued to the kitchen or store, what’s been consumed, and what hasn’t. It’s all about comparing the physical stock to what the report says then finding any discrepancies. Stock taking also allows you to see if there’s a significant discrepancy between what you think you should have and what you actually have. Your stocktake can highlight a number of problems including theft and shrinkage issues.

FusionResto helps to record the physical stock of items based on warehouse, category, bin location, or even an item, etc. The physical stock check is reconciled with the inventory records and helps to handle discrepancies, such as missing stock. It also allows the necessary correction with automatic adjustment for excess or shortage with proper documentation.

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Calculate the stock of raw materials needed to produce items. It comprises production & yield management, food costing, centralized recipe management, forecasting and production.

Yes, we have a multi layered recipe management system where you can keep and manage inventory of raw materials > semi-finished goods > final product. You can also manage the stock of items in multiple units of measure.

Yes, a robust recipe management and cost sheet helps you derive cost per portion.

Yes. We have a centralized kitchen solution.You purchase all raw products in centralize and make production after that you transfer your finished foods to your all branches.

Yes. We have Food costing reports. It's based on your Recipe . You can make recipes for any product then you can see total profit margin in food costing reports.

Yes software has the entire build process to manage a proper production unit.

Yes , We can keep the track of Wastage items.

Yes, We can manage multiple departments and separate KOT for the same.

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