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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.992

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Rancelab Release 2.992

Restrict to change Item or quantity while generating Purchase Invoice from PO


While generating Purchase Invoice or Challan against PO, do not allow to add or change the item and increase the qty than PO qty.


In Purchase Invoice (P-T-P) and Purchase Challan (P-T-N),under voucher Option two options are added,

Allow changing Order Item and Qty = Yes/No.

PO Qty tolerance limit (%) = 0


In Purchase Challan under voucher option -add an option.

Add AutoFill Order Detail = No/Yes.



If Allow to change Order Item and Qty = No and AutoFill order Detail = Yes, then Purchase order selected once Populate all the Products in the order.

Otherwise, scan the product one by one or select from the list, in the list, it will show only those items which are present in order.

It will not open the child window for entry; instead, it will open the Qty Input box with balance order quantity, you can change the qty here based on tolerance limit


Require two report columns in "Guest In House List."

Guest in house list reports are generally submitted for police verification day wise. In Guest in house list report(H-R-H), two fields are added under column chooser.

ID Type



Require HD order id in Driver Report at Dispatch Home Delivery

In Dispatch home delivery(S-T-L), under Driver Report(F4) HD serial number has been added, and it will show on Expand.