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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.987

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Download Link

You can download the update package by clicking below

Rancelab Release 2.987

Require Bill on SMS at the print bill button functionality

In SMS Business Alert (TMA) - add one item to Report list "Touch POS Bill print Link."

It will send a bill-link SMS on bill printing using Print Bill button like Sale link SMS.


FR-UP-LINK: Files to include in update installer

Files has to be include in C:\RanceLab\Fr6Share\Media


hd-alert-1.wav > please set this as default in the code.



in C:\RanceLab\Fr6Share\Layout HomeDeliveryMemo.view29oct2020.RanceLab

Require CRM point multiplier on any particular MOP


As required, the System should generate Extra Points (it will be Specified or double)  on selecting a particular MOP during the settlement of a bill.


In Customer Master(M-O-C), under Card Type, Added a section MOP wise Campaign, under this section add a field "Points awarded on MOP", it will be a multiple selection list, it has 2 columns


MOP Name - List of MOP (Filter list on "Is CRM Point Calculation Required = Yes")

Points Awarded = any value

points will be calculated as defined here for the selected MOPs



In Global Option - set.

Generate CRM Points Based On = Bill value



Payu Merchant Onboarding using API

Required Customers can get onboard in PayUMoney from Fusion.


In Global option (T-A-G),

"Bharat QR Code setting Json"- add following fields in Json as below -


JSON format:


"QRCodAPI": "", [^]

"MerchantKey": "XXXxxx",

"MerchantSalt": "xxx324fxc",

"QRCodeString": "generate-dynamic-bharat-qr",

"CheckStatusString": "check-bqr-txn-status",

"ExpirytimeInSecond": "300",

"TokenAPI": "", [^]

"BaseURL": "", [^]

"CreateMerchantAPI": "/api/v1/merchants",

"VerifyAPI": "/api/v1/merchants/{0}/verify",

"GetCredential": "/api/v1/merchants/{0}/credential",

"Product": "payumoney"



In Location Master (MIL) - Set Link Information Added a new section “Bank Detail” with following fields

Bank Name

Account Number


Account Holder


Added a Button "Payu Onboard"

It will call the Payu API and register a merchant account on PayUMoney.


Allow to enter Pincode in Advance Customer Screen

Now you can enter Pincode in Advance Customer Screen.


[In Advance Screen, added two fields under Customer info,

Birth Date and "Anniversary Date"

FR-UP-LINK Home Delivery KOT Popup Auto Pilot


The popup has four functions, Print KOT, Snooze, Void, Print Bill & Usually, the operator keeps on clicking the print bill without checking the item detail.

The autopilot function will help save the time of the operator.


In Station Master (T-A-S),

We have provided an option, "Auto Print Without KOT Popup = No/KOT/BILL."


If 'Auto Print Without KOT Popup' = No (default)` then KOT popup will come, otherwise KOT popup will not come.

If 'Auto Print Without KOT Popup'= KOT/Bill, we will print the KOT or Bill directly without showing the popup as per setting. It will work when Delivery popup delay (sec) >0