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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.995

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You can download the update package by clicking below

Rancelab Release 2.995

Need to upload Sale and Stock Report on SFTP site


Need to generate sale bill cum product wise detail and Stock report file in xml format for all locations in a single file of LG brand. Upload on the SFTP site provided by LG on a daily basis on schedule time.


In Process Scheduler (T-M-P) - add two fields in detail

Brand(s): Choose a list of the Brand name.

Settings JSON: Need to add the file of Upload Path while adding the process schedule.

(In case of SFTP or FTPS site save the credentials here in JSON format )



{"TPCode": "vwhVfj", "URL": ""} [^]


In Process List  - add two options

LG Sellout Report

LG Stock Report


1.For HO location, these two reports will be generated for all location combined i.e. a single XML file for all locations


Find the mapping of the field in the below link: [^]


2.For GTM-Code, need to use Location Mater UDF1.

In Customer Master check for GSTIN No for B2B customer

In Customer Master (M-O-C), After Saving Business Type=B2B,without Customer's GSTIN no. will not save.

Store Bill Image file in Bucket instead of FTP

At present for SMS of Bill link, we store bill image in FTP server for all customers, at a time lacs of image files piled up in the server, so we have to remove these files manually. Now we will use Bucket instead of FTP to store files



we can also keep the Fr6Share folder files here, which can be auto sync to all branch servers in a multi location structure.