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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.874

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Rancelab Release 2.874

Points Reward on Registration.


This feature will be used to reward customers for joining. On registration points/reward cash will be added to his account.


Example: 50 points added to your wallet, 100% redeemable on your spending


Example: 10% discount redeemable on your first order.

The same can also be used by offering Items instead of Points / Cash Back.

Ice Tea is for Rs.50. Instead of crediting Rs.50 to a customer's account


The user can also do the following:


Example: Tea Post - Get first tea on the house, flavor of your choice



Visit based Promos:

Privileged on every/selected visit within a given period



4th visit get 50% off, 6th visit particular item free  

The moment customer is selected at POS, the visit counter +1 will be checked



In scheme setup(M-I-S), a new discount type has been created called “Visit Based Promotion.”

In Visit Based Promotion, you can set an offer item with sale value, Dis%, or Points visit-wise.

It will work the same as the bill discount scheme.



Card Discount will not work when this promotion is applied to a bill.

After customer selection, Once the offered item is added as per promotion, this offer item will not be removed if the user changes the customer. The user has to delete or void manually.

Either of the three options will work at a time.

Is Coupon Applicable will not work here.

Exclude Sub Group for Bill Discount will not Work

Exclude MOP Type will not work here

This "Discount Type" will override the Customer Discount.


Enhancement in Gift Voucher Master.


Need to calculate validity days of a gift voucher from date of issue or sale



In Gift Voucher Master (M>I>G), added a field above validity to date.

Valid For Days= 0 (any number)

Based on this field validity date of Gv will be calculated from the date of the issue.



The validity of GV will be checked on validity to date if this field is blank.

If Gift Voucher is not issued but redeemed then Validity Till Date will be checked.



Need to Export Sale and Purchase data to Sage 50


Need to Export Sale and Purchase accounting data for Sage 50(third party) in CSV format.



In Location Export Setting (TIP), added two options in Type List.

Sage 50 - Purchase

Sage 50 - Sale

          Based on this option, a required file in CSV format will be generated.