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Release NotesRanceLab Release 2.873

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Rancelab Release 2.873

Require option to maintain HSN code and SAC code for a single product

Sometimes a single item purchased in HSN code and sold in SAC code. For example, Water Bottle purchased in HSN code and in a restaurant it sold under SAC Code.


In Product Master -  Under HSN Code added a field.



Based on this option SAC code will be shown in all Sale Reports.

Sale Register

Sale Return Register

GST reports


In Sale Print Option -  added Print SAC Code = No/Yes


Require an MIS Report with COGS

In Warehouse Management - Reports (F&B) - Added a new report

"Performance Alalysis" (W>F>P)


Recall Customer: Gift Voucher Assign, Discount Coupon Assign


We want to Assign any gift voucher or Discount Coupon for some customer who has not come for many days.



Sometimes we can see that some customer has not come since 2-3 month in any retail shop or restaurant, For that reason any retail shop or restaurant can distribute discount Coupons or gift Vouchers for a revisit.



     We will create it through gift Voucher(M-I-G) and Discount Coupon master (M-I-D).


Gift Voucher Assign:

In Customer Wise sales(S-A-S), added a button (Ctrl+G) Assign Gv.

Using this button, you can assign the gift voucher to customers in bulk by filtering report on last visit days column.


Discount Coupon Assign:

In Customer Wise sales(S-A-S), added a button (Ctrl+D) Assign DC.

Using this button, you can assign the discount coupon to customers in bulk by filtering report on last visit days column.


Now an SMS will be sent to the customer with the GV Name and No with validity date, like: "You have received gift voucher No: xxxxxx worth Rs.100 valid for three days."


In SMS Business Alert(TMA) - add two options in Report list

Gift Voucher

Discount Coupon


Required Voucher No series should be Location-specific


During transaction If location is changed, the Voucher series, warehouse, etc. should be adjusted automatically as per the location.



In Location Master (MIL) - added an option.

Set Voucher Type = No/Yes.

Yes, it will open the voucher option screen to select voucher types in the user master.

In Global Option (TAG) -added an option.

'select voucher option from’ =” Location/user”.

If you select the location, it will pick the voucher option, set in the location master.



During any voucher entry, If the input screen is blank during any voucher entry, only we will allow the change of location.

We will not allow the location to change location in modify mode.



Item suggestion based on the selection of primary food item - Suggestive Selling.


Need Item suggestion based on the selection of primary food items - For Suggestive Selling, which will increase the sale and help the captain suggest the right product to the right customer easily and quickly.



In Menu Management  (M>F>M)  added an option.

Suggest  Item =  "No/Yes/Ask".


And in Sale Option, add an option.

Check No of days Sale for suggesting items = 0


Based on this option, in touch pos billing on the selection of an item, a list will open with suggestive items based on a frequency that is ordered along with the main item in the last “n” of days.


Card Type Master Redesign

Card Type master has fields name has been changed and reshuffled.


Enhancement in Discount Coupon Master.

Now  In Discount Coupon Master (MID) - it has been allowed to accept 0 input in the Max Redeem field.

If max redeems = 0, then coupon can be redeemed for an unlimited time.


Visit based Points.


Wants to allot points on every visit of the customer



In Customer Master (MOC) -  Card Type master - added an option.

“Reward on every Visit = 0

Whenever the customer does a bill, this visit points will be credited to his account automatically.


Require a search box to scan quick mode order.


During quick mode order to scan Order, the user has to press the F3 button to open a list of pending orders and search or review the order to select the second-order again to press F3 and scan.

To make it easy, we need a single search screen from where users can scan multiple orders one by one and search saved templates from this search box.



In Global Option (TAG) - added two more options in Scan Start Sentinel.


Quick Order (Touch POS) = List of Sentinel

Load Template(Touch POS) =List of Sentinel


Based on these setting -In Touch POS Sale (STT) - Register Mode -

A barcode scan based on this sentinel Quick Order or saved template will be populated.                        


We have to set “Prompt for register mode = yes” in sale option to keep open the product code scan window.