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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.872

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Rancelab Release 2.872

Require expiry matrix fields in list editor.


In the list editor under "Product Child List," mfg date and exp date fields are not there, but we need this to check the date.



"Exp Date",” Mfg Date” has been added in List Editor(TAL)

Now you can see product expiry date and manufacturing date in the product child list.


Caption Change required in Sale Management > Analysis Tools > Customer wise Sales  


In Customer wise Sale Report (SAS) - some fields names have been changed as below

No of Bills(Sales)  - Visit

Amount(Sale-Return)  -  Sales

Cust Mobile    -  Mobile

Cust email    - Email

Need a field in KOT where special instruction of Zomato is printing


The client wants to print a special instruction in KOT print out. If customers put some special information in Zomato, it's not coming to the restaurant, because Fusion couldn't read that data. So it creates miscommunication between Zomato & Fusion.



we are saving as Narration. If a billing level remarks found in the JSON

Printing  Narration in KOT at the bottom if it is  NOT BLANK


Require short-cut keys to select MOP in the tender screen.


Currently in the tender screen, if the user wants to pay using  MOP & other then cash than he has to follow the below steps

first, clear the amt from cash MOP using Clear button

select the other MOP utilising the arrow keys.

Press INS key to populate bill amount.

It requires the selection of MOP using a shortcut key.



In Mode of Payment (M-A-M) - added an option.

       Short-cut Keys =  F5,F6,F8,F9,F11 and F12 in list.

In the Tender screen on selecting these keys, the corresponding MOP will be inserted with the bill amount and clear the amount from the rest of MOPs, if entered.


Go to Mode of payment(M-A-M)  select any Mode of payment (say Cash), add shortcut key(say f9) and save.

In the time of doing a sale transaction In tender Screen, Press related shortcut key for payment.

In Customer Master do not allow to save GSTIN No less than 15 digits...


At present we are not checking the length of GSTIN No



Now the system will not allow saving GSTIN No less than 15 digits, but it will qualify if it is blank.


Note:  It will check the below format for a valid GSTIN number.


The length of GSTIN No: must be 15

1st two digits should be numeric

3-7 digits should be alpha

8-11 digits should be numeric

12th digit should be alpha

The 14th digit should be Z or C based on the Business Type.