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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.862

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Rancelab Release 2.862

Do not allow to accept rate less than sale Price or greater than MRP during sale bill entry


Suppose a product (Polo T-shirt) wholesale rate is 820  and MRP  is 900.

And the operator can not sell this product below 820 or above 900.



In sale option - added two more items in the Restrict sale Price List.


"Below Final Sale Price and Above MRP"

Based on this option, the system will restrict if

(Final sale Price(SalePrice+Tax-Discount) >= Sale Rate and <= MRP.


"Below  sale Price and Above MRP."

Based on this option, the system will restrict if, (Sale Price >= Sale Rate and <= MRP.

Urban Piper - Issue in Tax mapping in case of UGST


For both normal states and Union territory In Swiggy order, tax is coming in CGST 2.5% and SGST 2.5% format and for Zomato order tax is coming in Gst 5% format.

At present We are mapping tax as we receive from Urban Piper payload with Fusion Tax name.

So, in the case of UGST, we cannot map because we do not get Ugst in the payload.



Now Tax will be picked from the mapped menu in Fusion.

Urban Piper - Issue in Packaging charges on item level


In Swiggy orders, Packaging charges applying after-tax on item level for some items. In Fusion, we are accepting order-level charges in other charges.



Now, From the payload Store "total-charges" we are saving in other charges.


Urban Piper - A barcode-based order status update to mark an order as Food Ready for Swiggy Orders


Require status "Food Ready" once the food is prepared for Swiggy (Urban Piper) Orders



In Home-Delivery Report (STL), on clicking "Prepare" button, sending status

"Food Ready" to Urban API


Change in Discount logic of Urban piper for Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda


In the UrbanPiper payload discount for Swiggy order is shown on item level while for Zomato order discount shown on order level.



1.When Discount on item level in payload, In this case, picking a discount from the item and ignoring order level discount

2.When there is no Discount on item level in payload, calculating  total item level discount = "discount" - "total-external-discount" and bifurcate in all items as item discount,



We are not saving "total external discount" because Zomato or Swiggy sponsors this.

Final Bill Amt will be = Payment Amount + External Discount.



UrbanPiper: Update in Ordering API Document for Menu sync


Some Features added in RanceLab for Urbanpiper integration: At present, we do not have to process updates to update Store data, Menu  Items, Categories, etc. manually at Quint( Now we can upload these data at Quint directly from RanceLab.



In Settings - add a new Menu section "UrbanPiper Setup" with the following Menu Item:

Store (Location)

Category (Group)

Item (Menu)

Option (ForcedQuestion)        


To upload Store information do the following-

In Settings >Urbanpiper SetupSet, Action=Sync/Enable/Disable.

Action :  It will show a type list =  Sync,Disable,Enable

set Action = Sync, to upload store data to The Quint

set Action = Enable or Disable, to disable or Enable any store, respectively.

Set Platform=Foodpanda/Swiggy/Ubereats/Zomato etc.

To finally upload the data Press Upload button(Alt+U)

For Store location All the fields are ……

Location code:- "Here show the list of Location and Select One by one."

Address:- "By default, We will show Address1, Address2, and Address3."

Phone:- Commas can separate multiple phones.

Email:-  "Commas can separate multiple Email."

Min Delivery Time:-   User Input

Min Pickup time:- User Input

Zip Code:- Commas can separate multiple Pin code.

Platform:-  Show list of a platform like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats.

For Category Group All the fields are ……

Menu:- Select the menu

Location:-  Select the location for which the menu will be set.

According to the menu, all the categories will be taken automatically.

Parent name:-  It is a product group name.

Image URL:- we can set any image category wise.


For the Item menu, all the fields are.

Menu:- Select the menu

Location:- Select Location

Action :- Set actionSolutionDisable/Enable/Sync”



If we set an Item name (web), subgroup name (Web), Group name (Web) then in the Item menu in an urban setting, it will first take this name.

If it is blank, then it will take the name from the menu.



Require search screen in Customer Master, Account Master & Product Master screen.


Sometimes in customer databases, there are more than 10000 Data in the masters. It is too difficult to open the list for search. Sometimes it's Showing Out of memory.



In Global Option(T-A-G), three options are added...

Filter Customer Master List = No/Yes.

Filter Product Master List = No/Yes.

Filter Account Master List = No/Yes.


If yes, then wherever you try to open master List then following parameters will be


For Customer Master,

Customer Name

Customer Id

Mobile No.

Search Parameter in Product Master List,

Product Name:

Product ID:


Search Parameter in Account Master List,

Account Name:


Based on these parameters, a filtered list will open.


1.If the user enters less than five characters, then the Master list will not open.

2.If the user enters More than five characters or exact name, the name will automatically show up.

3.If the user enters the exact mobile no. and customer card id, then the master will select the customer that he/she wants.

If user press exit mode in the search box, then the customer list is opened automatically.