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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.848

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Rancelab Release 2.848

Do not send Zomato/Swiggy orders in Eward


If there is any kind of pos discount on the bill, It should not get points, and it should be optional. And also if the order is placed from Zomato or Swiggy or any food delivery app, Eward point should not be generated



In Mode of Payment (M > A >  M) > Vendor Setting > Add below tags in EWards JSON:

"SendDiscountedBill": "No"

"DoNotSendBillForMOP": "'Zomato', 'Swiggy'"


Sample JSON will be:


{"AddOrUpdateCustomerAPI": "", "RedeemPointAPI": "", "OTPVerificationAPI": "", "SendBillAPI": "", "CheckPointsAPI": "", "MerchantID": "0000", "MerchantEmail": "", "CustomerKey": "XXXX", "SendDiscountedBill": "No", "DoNotSendBillForMOP": "'Zomato', 'Swiggy'"}



In bill either there is item discount or bill discount eWards point will not generate if you set 'SendDiscountBill = No' in JSON.

For Zomato or Swiggy order if we finish the transaction with this particular MOP, then the point will not be generated.