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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.844

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In Cloud server Outstanding report (Group) is not opening for all location


In the Cloud server Outstanding report (Group), Bill Receivable is not opening for “all locations combined”, because there is more than 3 lac data in detail.


In Bills Receivable ( F A R ), Bills Payable ( F A P ) and Outstanding(Group) ( F A G )

Two buttons are added:

"Detail ( Ctrl+D )"

"Summary ( Ctrl+S )"



By default, the report will open in summary mode.

For detail, you can expand for voucher wise breakup for each reference no.

Requirement - Need a Brand wise Stock & Sale report Location Wise at Email Scheduler

In Email Scheduler ( T M E ), SMS Scheduler ( T M S ) and

Process Scheduler ( T M P ) a field is added under Location in header area:


Station Name = List of the station master


In Email scheduler ( T M E ), two reports are added to list :

1.Sales Summary

2.Stock Summary



Email scheduler will be generated at the selected station, and if the station is blank, it will generate on the server by default.

Reports will be generated as per the locations selected in the column.