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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.836

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In Windows template design need some fields in sale


In windows template design, the “Sale Rate” field is added.

Required KOT number In Bill Cancellation Report.

KOT number field is added in the Bill Cancellation Report.

Required report fields in Guest In House List


In PMS, police verification reports need to be submitted; some information is required.

In the Guest in House List report according to the view required by police.



In Guest In House list report ( H R H ), the following fields are added:

Arrival Notes

Arrival Time

Booking Dt

Booking Time

Check-in Time

Check-out Time

Departure Mode

Departure Notes

Departure Time

From City


To City


Require search screen in Customer Master, Account Master & Product Master screen


When there is more than 10000 and above data in Customer Master, Account Master & Product Master, it is difficult to open the list, and sometimes it shows out of memory error.



In Global Option ( T A G ) - Three options are added under section: Global Option.

Filter Customer Master List = No/Yes.

Filter Product Master List = No/Yes.

Filter Account/Ledger Master List = No/Yes.


If Yes, wherever you try to open the list in any master screen or any transactions,

a search screen with given parameters will open first, to filter the list


Search parameter for Customer Master

Mobile No

Card ID

Customer Name


Search parameters for Product Master

Product Name

Product ID



Search Parameters for Ledger Master

Account/Ledger Name


If the user enters less than five characters, then the list will not open.

If the user enters five or more than five characters in any field, only then the list will open.

If a user enters exact mobile no or card id, it will populate the customer in edit mode if it exists otherwise it will open in new customer creation mode with value.