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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.832

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Integration with eWards CRM system

EWards is a CRM solution. It generates points and redeems points for the customer.


Added and Sales Option SET "Update Vendor API = eWards."

This will work with Touch POS Sale only.

In Mode Of Payment (MAM) - Vendor Setting (CTRL+S)  

Added a Vendor “eWards.”


You need to add below JSON in Location Vendor Master:


{"AddOrUpdateCustomerAPI": "",  "RedeemPointAPI": "",  "OTPVerificationAPI": "",  "SendBillAPI": "",  "CheckPointsAPI": "",  "MerchantID": "0000", "MerchantEmail": "", "CustomerKey": "XXX"}


Replace the credential as provided by the vendor.

It will Send Customer Data when you save a Customer.

It will send Sale Data on Sale Bill saving.


To implement this:

You need to create a New MOP (Type: Credit Card) and set Vendor = eWards.

Set that new MOP in Sale Option.

In the Tender Page, press insert on eWards MOP. It will open an input box, Enter the points to redeem.

It will authenticate that point.  

If OTP authentication is required, it will send the OTP to Customer's Mobile.

Insert OTP in the input-form, and It will check that OTP and return the equivalent Amount.

If no OTP authentication is required, it will return the equivalent amount (filled in MOP).

To check the Ewards points balance for the customer, you need to press the button “B” on eWards MOP.

Require Team system in the ledger to view report


Need a user-wise restriction to view reports of specific ledgers, for example, say an operator can not view cash or bank ledger balances, but he can make voucher entry related to cash or bank and view vouchers entered by him for modification or deletion.



In User Master: Added a Field

"Team Report = Single selection List of Team."


In Ledger Master - Added a field.

“Team (Report) = Multi-selection list of Team Master (Report)”


It will show the balances and transactions in the Ledger Report based on the Team assigned in the ledger master.

Add Bank name in cheque receive section in Cash Sheet Report


In the Day End Report ( S-R-D ) - Cash Sheet (ALT+S) - Bank Name field is added in the Cheque Received and Cheque Issued section.