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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.704

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Rancelab Release 2.704

Need to include Room Reservation Transactions in GST Related Reports.


In following GST Related Report added a button  “Room Res ( Alt + P )

Outward Supply (B2B)

Outward Supply (B2C)

Summary of Outward Supplies

GST Return



It is a toggle button.

This button will add  Room Reservation Vouchers in GST related reports.

Only Checked-out Room Reservation Voucher will be shown.

Need an option to find the opening balance voucher of a particular ledger.



You might need to change a opening balance of a ledger. In order to do that you need to to first find the opening voucher where the opening balance is recorded. It is easy if you have only one opening voucher. If you have multiple opening vouchers then it is time consuming to find the required voucher.


Solution: Added a button "Opening Vch" (Ctrl + O) in Ledger Report and Journal Book.

From Ledger Report, it will show the opening entry for the selected ledger.

From Journal Book, it will show all opening entry for all ledgers.


Salutation of Customer Master is required in SMS function.

We have added a tag <Salutation> SMS variable in “SMS Business Alert' and “SMS Scheduler”.


Required a new report in email scheduler with matrix fields.

Added a new report in Email Scheduler (TME) 'Sale Report Detailed' with following fields ProductchildID, Field1, Field2, Field3, List1, List2, List3, MRP, Sale Rate.


Need to use the Default Barcode along with User Defined Code.

Scenario: You might have some products that has user defined code and some products with default barcodes. At the time of billing both the products needs to be scanned.


Solution: Added an option “Default + User Defined Code” in Scan Field List for following voucher option.

Sale Order

Sale Challan

Sane Invoice (Scan POS)

Sale Return

Purchase Return

Rejection In

Rejection Out

Stock Transfer Indent

Stock Transfer

Stock Journal

Physical Stock

Added Customer Mobile Number in Void Analysis Report.

Scenario: While looking at the void report, you might want to call the customer and verify the void.


Solution:  In Void Item Analysis (WFV), added a field Customer Mobile Number.


Need “Challan Date” field in sale windows print preview design.

Added 'Challan Date' field in the sale windows preview design.


Need to allow Void Entire Bill but restrict the Item Void in a bill

Scenario: In a home delivery setup, it might be required that a user can void the entire bill after the bill is printed, but  should not be allowed to add or void any item.



In Designation Master (MOD) -  Action control - added the following option

Edit after Bill Print (Void Cheque Only) = No / Yes / Secure.

This function will control only the void Cheque after bill print.


To Implementation this scenario, you have to set option like

Set Edit after Bill Print = No

Set Edit after Bill Print (Void Cheque Only) = Yes


Changes in Sergeant Major TXT File Export

Scenario: Need to show Negative MOP amount for sale return in Sergent Major text file export.

       In TIP- Sergent Major - Sales Text file, It will show MOP amt (in PTV line) negative in case of sale return.

       During exporting (TIP) sales to text file, sale vch no and sale return Voucher No. are getting duplicated

Solution: We will be using the following format

       (Using 18900001; 18=Year; 9=fixed for sale return; 00001- Invoice Number for sale return). The sale invoice number will be in current format e.g. 18000001. This way we will        never have the duplicate number unless sale invoice crosses 899999.

Need calculation method on quantity in Tax Master


In GST, on some products like Tobacco, there is cess or additional cess charged on quantity, for example Rs.2647 per thousand on Cigarette with filter etc.



In Tax Master (MAT) : We have added one more calculation method "On Quantity" in Type List. On this type tax will be calculated on item quantity instead of item amount.


Length check is required in GSTIN number field in customer master

Scenario : Need to check the lengths as 15 digit for GSTIN number to avoid input error by users.


Solution : We have added checking of GSTIN No. (if not blank). If GSTIN No is not valid then it will show the message 'Not a valid GSTIN Number' and continue. Also, added this checking in Sale Transaction.


Need the mandatory remarks input in in case of manual discount or void in POS.

Scenario :  In case of Manual Discount or Void Check, is is required for the operator to input bill remarks.


Solution: Added the following in Designation Master under Action Control

"Show Remarks on Void Item / Bill" =  If Yes, Remarks box will open automatically when doing void. It will work for STT only.

"Show Remarks on Item Discount" = If Yes, Remarks box should open automatically and it will work for both STS and STT

Enhancement in GSTR1 Report based on updated GST Tool

In GST Return (FGG) - GSTR1 (ALT+F) - In Excel B2B section

We have added one more column "Receiver Name" i.e. customer name after "GSTIN/UIN of Recipient" column

Requirement: Need Auto Recipe/Auto Stock Journal Wastage Entry

Scenario: If you are not doing a production entry of the item being sold, then the auto stock journal will create a production entry for you.

You might be using Auto Stock Journal to create production entry of item being sold and respective consumption entry for the raw material used.

At the day end, you are also entering the wastage entry for the unsold finished items.

Therefor it is required to generate a production and consumption entry from wastage entry as we do it for sale.

Solution: In Product Master (MIP), we have added "Sale and Wastage" in the type list of the field "Generate Production from Sale"

For a finished good if Generate Production from Sale is set to “Sale and Wastage”, the Auto Stock Journal will create the production of this item for both the sale and wastage. It will also create a consumption entry of raw material based on the recipe.


Require combined collection detail in Day End Report and Cash Sheet


Scenario : In "Day-End Report - Analysis" and "Cash Sheet", it is required to view user wise cum MOP wise combined collection detail against Sale and Cash on Delivery.


Solution :

In Day End Report > Analysis added a section "Net MOP Analysis"

In Cash Sheet > preview designer > added a table for "Net MOP Analysis".


Enhancement in Dynamic Search of Mobile Number in Advance Customer Screen

Scenario: We use dynamic search in advance customer master screen to find the customer based on mobile number. If you have large number of customer master (say 0.2 million), the dynamic search tends to be slow. This happens specially when a user wrongly enter only 1-5 digits and press enter.  


Solution: The following logic has been implemented to search the mobile number in advance customer screen to speed up the search.

If the user enters up to 4 digits of mobile number and search then it will search exact 4 digits in the mobile number in Database.

If the user enters more than 4 digits of mobile number and search then it will search dynamically in the mobile number in Database.

Need to control "Manual Discount" based on OTP.

Scenario : Manual Discount to any item or bill will be given after entering OTP which will be sent to customers mobile . The cashier needs to enter the OTP to proceed further.



In Global Option (TAG) , We have added an option

"OTP for Bill and Item Discount in Sale = No /Yes"


If option is set to Yes, on using item discount button, it will ask for OTP after entering manual discount (In amount or %), and will send a default SMS to the customer “Please share this OTP <OTP> with the cashier to get discount. Thanks."



The cashier needs to enter the OTP to proceed further.

If the customer is not selected OR mobile number is not entered, then it will show a message "You need to select the customer with a mobile number for the discount."

In Scan POS it will work only for item discount only.

In Touch POS it will work for both on item discount and bill discount.


Require to generate blank card automatically at branch without intervention of someone at HO.

Scenario : Sometime the blank cards generated for a particular location gets over. The operator is then unable to create new customer from advance customer screen. They need to contact HO to create blank cards for that particular location. Only after that operator will be able to create new customers.


Solution : In Global Option (TAG) - We have Added an option

No of Blank Cards to be generated = 50 (max input 1000) (0 means disable)

Now in Branch > In advance customer screen > if there is no blank cards available it will create blank cards automatically based on number defined in the TAG. This will work at both HO and Branch



The HO data service should be accessible at the time of generating the blank card.


Notification for the call center users if the order is not accepted by the location.


In a call centre setup, suppose a KOT pops up at an outlet, but somehow the operator forgets to print the KOT there is no notification sent to call centre that KOT has not yet printed, this create confusion to customer and causes delay in delivery.  


It will show notification to Call Centre if a KOT doesn't gets printed in an outlet.

In Station Setup (TAS) We have added an option

"Pending Order Popup" (MIN) : Enter the time in minutes after which it will show the following in a popup window

Order Number


Delay Min




The delay can happen for either the data is not travelled to branch or someone has not accepted the order at the branch.

In either case, the operator at call centre needs to check the HD Status Report for more information.


Need to create export of data for all location to import in the backup server.

Scenario: You might have a backup server where you want to import the data from the main server for a given date range.



In the TIE Export Data Module > Added <All Location> in the "Send Data of" list.

On selection of this option, it will create a zip file for all location data that can be imported in the backup server.

Need PMS “Group Owner” and “GSTIN of Group Owner” in GST Reports


Added “Group Owner” and “GSTIN of Group Owner” in following Reports:

Outward Supply (B2B)

Outward Supply (B2C)

Need a field “Business Type” in Advance Customer Screen used in home delivery module.

Added a field “Business Type” in Advance Customer Creation Screen.


Kitchen remark should printed in bold in KOT

In KOT, the Kitchen Remarks will be printed in bold by default to make it more clear to the chefs.


Require to change Time Interval duration in Location master


In Location Master (MIL), at present duration of Time Interval for Data to sync is 5 minutes by default and we are not allowing to input below 5 min. But in case of call centre, a lower input is required.


Now we will allow to change the Time Interval up to 1 min

Automation required to sync the difference data to HO from compare sale


It is required to have a automated process to send the sale transactions which is not yet synced with HO.



In the Process Scheduler (TMP) > added one more option in Process List "Compare Sale with HO and Export"

This will run Compare Sale as per the time scheduled in the Process Scheduler in branch location and send the difference sale data in outbox for HO location.

For Example: In Process Scheduler set

Data Period = “Yesterday",

Frequency = “Daily"

Time = 1 pm"

Now everyday at 1 PM, it will run compare sale at branch outlet automatically and create the outbox for the difference found.

Need location specific scheme in call center module.


In Call Centre Setup, it always applies the scheme which is defined for the Call Centre location. Now it is required to apply the Scheme of that particular location for which the transaction has been created. For example you might have 2 different location each with different schemes.



The call center module will always take the scheme defined for the selected location.

For example if a customer of Mumbai location places an order at the call center, it will apply the scheme defined for Mumbai location.


Need location specific menu in call center module.



You might have the different price of the same item at a different location in call centre module. Or you might have an entirely different menu for other location.



In Location Master (MIL) > Link Info > Change the caption "Web Menu" to "Web / Call Centre Menu"

In call centre module, after customer selection, based on location of customer as per the street name and locality, the menu defined above will be activated.


Note: In Call Centre Sale voucher option, all the menu defined in  location master, should be selected in menu setup.


Bulk Changes in Voucher Type and Designation Configuration


If you have hundreds of Sale Voucher types, it is difficult to add a new menu or MOP in each voucher type.



Added a button in Voucher Type Master “Copy Option to” (ALT+C)

It will open a list with following options

Voucher Option

Windows print Option

POS print Option

Open an existing  Voucher Master (to copy from)

On selection it will open a multi selection list of existing vouchers types

Select the required vouchers types (to paste to) and press ok

The voucher option will get copied to selected voucher types


Note: The same function is available in designation masters.

For example you may need to copy the action control of one designation to other designation in one go.

Need to improve the speed of opening Scheme Master and Recipe Master

Scenario: If the database is large it takes a long time to open "Scheme and Promotion" and "Recipe Master". This happens because it does stock calculation before opening the above master.


Solution : We have given an option in TAG > "Update Stock During Master Creation = Yes / No / Ask"

If it is set to NO, then Recipe and Scheme master will use existing stock table without recalculation, and it will very open fast.


Restrict the users at branch for billing if data is not synced.


Sometime data might not get synced to HO due to various conditions like internet connectivity, version mismatch and other reasons. You might want to stop billing at branch after a certain period, if the data is not getting synced to HO.



In Designation master > In Login control

Added the following option:

Stop login if data is not synced in Hrs =

Show warning if data is not synced in Hrs =


For example, if you set the following for a particular designation

Stop login if data is not synced in Hrs = 48 Hrs                  

Show warning if data is not synced in Hrs = 24 Hrs                


If the data is not synced from a particular location since 24 hours, On login in with that user it will show a warning message.

"Data is not synced since last 24 hours. Please check your internet connectivity."


And if the data is not synced since 48 hours.It will stop user to login the software in branch


Require checking of duplication in matrix setup for Field-1, Field-2, and Field-3

Scenario : In Mobile Industry IMEI Number must be unique. Therefor it is required to check the duplicate input in matrix fields.


Solution : In matrix setup option, added one more option in Input Method = Unique for Field-1, Field-2, and Field-3.

Based on this method, checking of uniqueness of matrix fields takes place during saving in the transaction like Purchase and Production. If any duplicate data found in current entry screen or in previously saved data, it will show a message.

In case of Import from file (TII), it will check for  any duplicate entry in the current file  and in previously saved data as well. On duplication It will show a message and stop import.


Required linked customer should get the referral points for 1st sale only.

Scenario: The customer who is referring any new customer should get the referral points on 1st sale done to the referred customer.

Solution :  In Card Type Master, added a field

Referral Points =   50 (for example)

In this case 50 points will be awarded to the linked customer associated with the Main Customer for his first sale only.


Physical Verification of stock during receiving in Stock Transfer Voucher

Scenario: You may need to verify the physically received products against stock transfer challan.  For example, in case of mobile shop, if you may want to cross check the received stock on IMEI number against the Stock Transfer Voucher to find out the discrepancy if any.



Now new button "Verify (ALT + V)” is added  in Stock Transfer Display .

It will open a screen with all the products in selected stock transfer challan with following fields

Product Name

Product Code (Product child or Matrix field as per setting in voucher option)


Received Qty

Verify Status


You can scan the received products on barcode one by one,scanned quantity will be shown in Received Qty column and on pressing “Verify (Ctrl + V) button, it will  update the Verify Status of each product accordingly

Verify Status = Yes. If received qty matched with challan qty

Verify Status = No. If received qty unmatched with challan qty

The CRM redeem points should populate the MOP in the tender screen

Scenario: Usually the customers wants to redeem the max available points.

It will be easy and error-free if the max points populate in the CRM redeem MOP.



Now after pressing INSERT during tender, if the available  points value is less than total bill amount, it will show a message and display the  max points can be redeemed and on pressing OK button ,the max point value will populate in the CRM Redeem MOP automatically.


User should not be allowed for next day billing if day is not closed

Scenario : If day is not closed, user should not be allowed for any next day transactions



In Location Master (MIL) added an option              

Duration of a Day Open in Hour = 24 (for example)

Based on this option day length will be decided after that user has to close the day            


If the duration is crossed, during the login, the system will show a message

"Day is still open from <date> and <time>

Current Date & Current Time

Do you want to close the day?" - Yes / No              

Yes = it will open the day close screen > close the day (If designation is given to that particular User) > back to login screen > Now login will open a new Day

No = back to login screen


Need “Show Product Code as” function in voucher option of Stock transfer


You might need to see a filed like UPCEAN, Matrix Field, or UDF in the stock transfer screen. For example a mobile shop user will like to see IEMI No in the screen which is stored in matrix field.



Added an option in the Voucher Option

"Show Product Code As: List of fields (ProductChild, UDF, Matrix fields etc)"

As per this option it will show Product Code in the Voucher entry screen


This option has been added in following vouchers

Stock Transfer

Stock Transfer Indent

Stock Journal

Physical Stock

Purchase Return

Rejection Out


Require the scan of Matrix Field to track the sale bill in sales return


While Doing sale return of a Mobile product , if the customer does not have sale bill. So we need to find the bill from IMEI number. Also need to know the mode of payment of the sale bill (especially credit sale) AND the sale rate. Because the sale rate might be discounted on that day of invoice.



In Sales Return (STR ), a button is added "Find Invoice" (Alt + I)

It will open a SCAN Input Box > Here Scan the barcode (in this case IMEI Number),It will pull out the invoice.

If single Invoice found it will open windows Print preview directly


If more than one invoice is found then show the list (invoice # / date/amount / Customer)

Select the required invoice > open the preview

Once you close the preview, it will ask a question

"Do you want a sale return?" Yes - No (yes will populate the data on sale return screen)


Note: Scan will take place as define in voucher option - Scan Field


Physical stock taking for selected items will be mandatory on day close.


On day close, User must enter physical stock for some selected items.


Solution :

Added a features of Physical stock entry and adjustments during the day close.


In Location Master (MIL) -  added an option

"Physical Stock Process on Day Close = No / Yes"

Based on this option, it will check for physical stock entry and then it will adjust during the day close.


In day Close (STD) - shown a section "Physical Stock Status (Alt + P)"  to show the following status


Not Recorded: System will not allow closing the day. It will prompt a message

"You must enter the Physical Stock to run day close."


Recorded: Now on Day Close, the system will automatically adjust the stock of the item found in the Physical Stock Voucher.

In day Close (STD) - added a Button "Physical Stock” (ALT +P), It will open physical stock entry screen.


Required Date wise setup for commission of Sales Person


It is required to provide the salesperson commission for a certain product for a particular period. The mobile set business depends heavily on the scheme given by the brands from time to time. The brands also give a bulk margin for the end of life products to liquidate it fast. It is required to give the commission to motivate the sales persons to push the items.



First of all, we need to define the date-cum-product-wise commission.

The system will then record the salesperson commission based on the period and product.


In Product Master (MIP) - Other Information - added one field

SP Comm Datewise  = Multi-selection list


In this screen ask for following fields

From Date

To Date

SP comm %

SP Comm Value



The existing field “SP comm %”  and “SP Comm Value” will remain intact.

There are many places to define the SP commission, however the system works as the following priority.


Priority during Billing to calculate SP commission will be:

SP Comm Date Wise (Defined in Product Master)

Product Child (Defined in Rate change)

As per SP comm %, SP Comm Value defined Product Master (Default)



During the import, need to show the status of lines


During Import of masters or voucher, after completion message box will show both the total number of success and failure.

Auto Stock Journal on Day Close

In Location Master (MIL) - Added an option

"Run Auto Stock Journal from Day Close = No/Yes"          

On day close, it will run this process automatically.


Note: This process will run before the discrepancy adjustment from physical stock on day close. It will work only with sale data.

Back date entry should not be allowed after the day is closed.

Added a new option in Designation Master (MOD) -

"Allow Backdated Entry after Day close = Yes / No"

Based on this option, user will not be allowed to create any new or modify or delete  transactions in back date i.e date and time before last closed day id.,This work only if Day Open / Close process is active.