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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.633

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Rancelab Release 2.633

GSTR-1 related errors should be shown in Error Log Report.


During generation of GSTR-1 Report (FGG), related errors are shown one-by-one in the message box, it is time-consuming to rectify the error.



All the errors will be written in Error Log Report in one go. It will help to rectify the errors faster and generate a error free GSTR-1.


Need "Supplier Name" variable in DOS Product Barcode

Added a variable <TRANSACTION-SUPPLIERNAME> in Barcode Printing.

Require work order printout with raw material break up.


Require a print out of work order with raw material break up as per the recipe of finished product. Based on this print out store keeper will issue raw materials to production house.



Added the following fields related to recipe details in Windows Print Format of Work Order







Need to generate Consolidated Purchase Requisition in Excel from Purchase Order Entry

Scenario: You might want to export the consolidated purchase order to SAP as purchase requisition in excel format.




In Location Export Settings (TIP),        

Added a new section "Export Settings for PR and GRN (SAP)" and following fields

Plant Code

Purchase Organization

Location Name = Multi selection list        

Create File on Day Close (Purchase Requisition) = No / Yes        

Create File on Day Close (Purchase GRN) = No / Yes


In List Type added following options        

SAP - PR: Generate a report in excel for purchase order of given date range for selected locations in a single sheet as per the shared format

SAP - GRN: Generate a report in excel for purchase invoice of given date range for selected locations in a single sheet as per the shared format.



Exclude bills which do not have SAP PO number (recorded in UDF10)

This activity needs to be done only HO location.


DSR Report User-Cum-Location wise Report in Email Scheduler.

The following reports are added in the Email Scheduler (TME)

Location Wise Sale Report (MTD)

Location Wise Sale Report (YTD)


To achieve this, added the following fields in "Sale in Budget Table"

Number of Bills Per Day

Number of Items Per Day


In Process Scheduler(TMP), added one more option

"Update Sale in Budget Table":  This process will update the sale data in the Sale budget table for given period.



Loyalty Program : Print a gift voucher coupon of Rs.50 when CRM points reaches to 1000.

Scenario: You might want to give a gift voucher coupon of X amount to a customer who reaches Y crm points.



In Sale Option, added the following option

Print Gift Voucher on CRM Points = 0

Gift Voucher Name = Select from list of active Gift Vouchers


Now once the sale invoice is saved, it will show the following message

Your Total Points = XXX

It will redeem "xxx" points against the gift voucher "name of the gift voucher".

Yes No



It will work only with Scan POS.

It will use the windows file "ScanPOS-Auto-Gift-Voucher.repx"

Added a button to edit the preview file "Gift Vch Dgn"

Gift voucher will be printed after the billing when accumulated CRM points reaches the limit set in the sale option.

Accumulated CRM Points = last balance before the current bill + point generated in the current bill.

Pre-generated gift voucher number from Gift Voucher Master (MIG) will be assigned to this bill.

If gift voucher is not found then it will show a message "No Gift Voucher to Print"

Equivalent points will be redeemed from customer account

It will have no effect Sale Modify / Delete / Return.


Print File Variables:

Sale Voucher Number / Sale Voucher Date and Time

Customer Name / CardID / CustomerID

Gift Voucher Name

Gift Voucher Code

Gift Voucher Amount

Validity = Hardcode sale voucher date + required number of day to print the validity.



The validity is based on the gift voucher, not on the date of issue.

The operator needs to check the validity manually while redeeming the voucher.