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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.587

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Rancelab Release 2.587

Enhancement in Sale Report used in Email Scheduler

Scenario: The sale report sent in email was showing only item wise summary. It was required to show subgroup cum item wise report.

We have added the following product grouping fields in the windows print file used in In Email Scheduler (TME).







Note: The file “Sale-Report.repx” includes the item wise sale report only. You need to edit this file to get the group based reports. For example if you want to use subgroup cum item wise then,


1.Make a copy of “Sale-Report.repx” to a new file  “Sale-Report-Subgroup-Wise.repx”

2.Edit the new file to include the subgroup

3.Use this file in email scheduler.

Enhancement in Tax Master for Selecting Sale Ledger in Accounting Entry Based on Applied Tax.


As per GST, there are 2 types of tax rates for any product in garments i.e. 5% GST for up to Rs.1000/- garment & 12% GST for above Rs.1000/- garment. Till now, in the accounting entry, the sale ledger is picked by system based on

Sale Ledger defined in Product Master

Sale  Ledger define in Sale Option

But there is no provision for item that is taxed @5% or 12% as per the slab, goes to Sale A/c "Sale GST @5%" or "Sale GST @12%" respectively. In Current Scenario, when we are exporting all data (Sale & Purchase) to TALLY , it is not reflecting in GST report properly as required.


Added  a section Account Mapping with following fields in Tax Master

Sale Ledger : List of Ledgers under sale account group

Sale Return Ledger : List of Ledgers under sale account group

Purchase Ledger : List of Ledgers under Purchase account group

Purchase Return Ledger : List of Ledgers under Purchase account group

Added an option in Voucher Option of Sale, Sale Return, Purchase, and Purchase Return

Select Default A/c From =  Product /  Tax

Product: Account ledger will be selected as per mapping in product master. and if it is None, then it will take ledger from voucher option.

Tax: Account ledger will be selected as per mapping in Tax master. If is is none then it will pick ledger from voucher option.


Added a process of voiding pending orders (unfinished sale transactions not billed)


You might want to delete or void the transactions pending for billing in quick mode or table mode. For example The Quick Mode Order (F10) is used to take order at counter and then customer pay at the cash counter to finish the transactions. But is some customer does not turn up to cash counter to make payment, these orders keeps showing up as pending and reflect in the sale reports.


Process 1:  Added a button in Day Close Report (STD)

Del Unfinished (CTRL + DEL). It will delete all the selected orders.

Process 2: In process scheduler (TMP)

Added an item in Process list  "Delete Unfinished Sale Data". This process will delete all unfinished sale bill on schedule time.


Item search facility in Menu Management (M > F > M)

Scenario: It is bit confusing to search a item in a large menu master. A faster search is required that can find the item even by the barcode.


Activated Search String (Ctrl + F) in Menu Management , Modifier Management & Force Question

Here you can search by Product Name and UPC/EAN code.


Designation Control on Tender Button in Sale Invoice (Touch POS)


You might want to secure the tender button for some of the users. It is useful in the quick order mode (F10) where you do not want your order takers to go to the tender screen.


We have added the following action control in Designation Setup (MOD)

Tender (Touch POS) = Yes / No / Secure


Enhancement in Location Export Setting (SAP-GST) to Exclude Sale of Particular MOP


It is required to exclude the sale of certain mode of payment during the export of sale for SAP-GST in xml format.



We have added an option In Location Export Setting (TIP),

Under Export setting SAP "Exclude MOP = Multi Selection List of MOP "

Include Tax Amount in Sale in Profitability Report


You might want to include the tax amount in the sale amount  in profitability report.



We have added a button in Profitability Report to calculate the profitability after including tax amount in the sale value.

“Sale With Tax” (toggle button)


Added HSN/SAC Code column in Product List


While doing the purchase entry it is required to search product from the list by HSN/SAC code.



Added the following in List Editor of Product (TAL)




Added HSN/SAC Code and HSN/SAC Desc in Stock Statement, Stock Ledger, and Supplier wise Stock Report.

Added the following column in above reports.




Added MRP mapping in Rate Change Import


It is required to import the MRP while importing the rate change data.



Added MRP column in Rate Change import.


Added Tax Related Columns in PMS Reports

The following columns have been added in the Reservation List (HRR), Check-Out, and Check-in List


Tax Amount 1

Tax Amount 2

Tax Amount 3

Tax Amount 4

Tax Ledger 1

Tax Ledger 2

Tax Ledger 3

Tax Ledger 4

Tax Rate 1

Tax Rate 2

Tax Rate 3

Tax Rate 4


Taxable Value 1

Taxable Value 2

Taxable Value 3

Taxable Value 4



Enhancement in GST Return to include the Exchange and Zero Rated Items in HSN Summary (GSTR-1)


Taxable Values in Outward Supply Report (B2Cs) is not matching with excel file generated from GST return due to exchange and zero rated items.


Solution: We have included the same in the calculation in HSN - Include exchange item and zero rated tax item


Automatic Update of Schedule Task on Date Change

Scenario: The task is created at 12.01 every day and take the last close day id.

But if the day close is after 12.01 then it skips the current day id (takes the last closed day id)

Solution: In Location Master We have added an option

Auto Schedule Generation Time = 01:00


Implementation Example:

If the server is on 24x7 and your approx day close time is 1 am

AND you want to send auto emails at 2 am.

Then set "Auto Schedule Generation Time = 01:30"


Enhancement in Outward Supply B2C Report to include Return Transactions


In Outward Supply B2C (F > G > C) and Inward Supply  (F > G > I) the button "Return" have been renamed to “With Return". On pressing this button will show return bills with sales in the same screen.


Enhancement in Sales Report (SRS) - Full Report with Item Detail by Default.


In Sale Register to generate Full Report (ALT+F) we had to press ALT+H (Item Detail) first. Now In case of Full Report, report will be open with Item detail by default.


Added a processes to identify and rectify the mismatch in Prepaid Card Balance.


Sometime Prepaid Card balance shown in POS screen mismatch with customer statement.


Added two buttons in Optimize Database (TDO )

Prepaid Bal (ALT + P): This will show a report with the discrepancy in Prepaid Balance.

Update Bal (ALT + U):  This will update the Statement Balance in Card for the selected Customer.

The security is controlled using the same designation setting that is used optimize database.