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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.413

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Rancelab Release 2.413

Integration with third party App for ordering system

Scenario : If you have a third party app for order taking and you want that order to be inserted inRanceLab.


Solution : We have introduced Fusion API system i.e Integration with third party Application. Order placed in app, can be inserted in RanceLab using API.

API. The app needs to be configured to provide the the data for each line of item toRanceLab, such as Table Number, Item Name, Rate, Qty  etc .

Process for conversion of one unit of product to other product

Scenario : In restaurant purchase of most of the products are made in packs but consumed in loose. It is difficult to maintain the proper stock in packs and loose.

For example, the following products are purchase at store in bottles



Then it is transferred to kitchen in bottles. Physical stock taken at store in bottles, but But recipe define in ml and in kitchen consumed in Ml.


Solution : We have added 2 fields in Product Master (M > I > P) Other Information.

Convert Product - Here we will attach the loose product which will be converted from Raw Product

Conversion Qty - Here we will enter how much Qty to be converted from the Raw Product.


For Example : GREEN APPLE CRUSH (1000 ml),GREEN APPLE CRUSH (750 ml) - in bottle will be consumed and GREEN APPLE CRUSH loose will be produced.


Now if you run Auto Stock Journal main product which is mapped will be consumed by stock qty and linked product will be produced with qty as per conversion qty defined in product master.

Guide for FAQ: How to maintain the inventory of liquor bottles in a bar?

Option 1: You might have two warehouses.

1.Warehouse One = Store. It is the warehouse where you purchase bottles and then transfer it to Bar. You need a stock report in bottles with following columns

a.Opening Stock: This column will show the opening stock for a date.

b.Inward: This column will show all the purchases.

c.Outward: This column will show the bottles issued to bar using the stock transfer entry.

d.Closing Stock: It will show (Opening + Inward - Outward = Closing).

2.Warehouse Two = Bar. This warehouse is for the bar where the liquor is sold in ML (30 ml or 60 ml pegs). You need a stock report in ML with following columns

a.Opening Stock: This column will show the opening stock for a date.

b.Inward : This column will show stock received from store in bottles. It will also show these bottles converted in ML.

c.Outward: This column will show the consumed liquor in ML against the pegs (30 / 60 ml) solds. It will also show the bottles consumed.

d.Closing Stock: It will show (Opening + Inward - Outward = Closing).

Implementation Notes

1.Create 4 items for 1 single brand. Here is the example

a.Black Label Bottle 750 ML: This item will be used in purchase at  and then issue to bar. You need to also define

i.Convert Product = Black Label ML

ii.Conversion Qty = 750

b.Black Label ML: This item will be used to convert the bottle into ML. This is also used in the receipe of the following items.

i.Menu Item: Black Label peg 60 ML (define the recipe where consumption product = Black Label Bottle ML and qty = 60)

ii.Menu Item: Black Label peg 30 ML (define the recipe where consumption product = Black Label Bottle ML and qty = 30)

2.At the day end run the “Auto Stock Journal”. This will automatically

a.Consume = Black Label Bottle 750 ML

b.Produce = Black Label ML

c.Produce = Black Label 60 Peg ML and Black Label Peg 30 ML

d.Consume = Black Label ML

Option 2:  If the warehouse store and bar belongs to same location, you can opt for following process.Instead of stock transfer to warehouse, just make a stock journal entry where

Production = Black Label  ML: and  Warehouse = Bar
Consumption = Black Label Bottle 750 ML and Warehouse = Store


A new report has been added to generate CRM point statement

Scenario : At present in customer statement, we are not getting the opening, earned and redeem point calculation based on date period.


Solution : A new report CRM Point Summary is being introduced in Customer List report with following fields:

Customer Name

Opening Points

Earned Points

Redeemed  Points &

Closing Points


Report will be generated for given date period. For example, if date period is 01-05-16 to 31-05-16 then

opening will be closing as on 30-04-16

earned will be from 01-05-16 to 31-05-16

redeem will be from 01-05-16 to 31-05-16

closing will be balance as on 31-05-2016


On selecting any customer it will open customer statement with daily transaction like ledger report.

Multi Selection List in Physical Stock


Scenario: If a shop take physical stock every day, then selecting products one by one manually takes too much of time.


Solution: We have enabled the multi-selection list in the physical stock voucher.

Now you can select multiple products using F3 or F8. It will fill up the screen with selected products. You can then use down arrow and fill up the quantity.

In T > A > G (Global Option)

If enable child = no = then child will be on LIFO method.

If enable child = yes = the FIFO will work for product child.

Show Pickup / Delivery during KOT popup in case of home delivery order


Scenario : Previously the order type (Pick Up or Home delivery) was not displayed at the KOT pop up.


Solution : Now in the KOT pop up window in Branch it will show if the Delivery Type is Pick Up  or Home Delivery.

We have added Stock Replenishment Report in email scheduler

Scenario : Stock Replenishment report should be mail on schedule basis to the concern person.


Solution : In Email scheduler (T > M > E), we have introduced new report Stock Replenishment Report in Report List with following fields:

Product Name



Closing Stock or Nett Stock

RO Level &

Order To Be Placed.


Note: RO level will be calculated as defined in WAA - ROQ

Require scheduler for some processes

Scenario : The user is not present all the time in front of the system or sometime they forget to run Auto Stock Journal.


Solution : to automate such task, we have added a new module called Process Scheduler

In Settings > SMS and Email Settings > Process Scheduler.

Select the location where you want the process to be scheduled

Now add Auto Stock Journal (Sale)

Enter Data Period, Frequency and Time

If you add the Auto Stock Journal Process, it will run as per the above parameters ifRanceLab is running at that time.

Now you can set Location Wise and Product Wise MOQ Level for PO.

Scenario : PO is generated based on RO level, if stock is going below reorder level. Outlet can increase the qty in PO but cannot be allowed to decrease than RO qty . At present we are generating PO based on product child id (In Detail mode).


Solution : We have allowed to generate PO based on product id (4 digit code).

OTP based customer registration

Scenario: If you are wondering about the accuracy of the customer data being created by the operators, then you might want to get it verified by OTP on SMS.


Solution : We have introduced OTP based Customer Registration.


In Global Option ( T > A > G) we have added a field called OTP Verification for Customer Creation.

Set this field to Yes

Now whenever you will try to create a new customer it will send an OTP via sms to the Mobile Number entered in customer master. In order to save the customer data you need to enter that OTP.

Card Location should be default location during customer creation at branch

Scenario : When we will create customer at branch then card location should be the branch location by default.

Solution: Now if we create customer at branch, it would take branch location as default.

Added a outstanding report based on credit limit and pending sale order.

Solution : We have a added a new report called Outstanding (With Credit Limit).

In this report layout where we can check Customer credit balance based on Outstanding amt + Pending SO amount exceed from credit limit or not.


In Finance > Analysis tools > added new report > Outstanding (With Credit Limit)        

This report displays summary of all ledger

It opens a List of Account Group Master (under Sundry Debtors / Sundry Creditors) with following fields.


O/S Amount        

Pending SO Amount (**optional based on option)

Credit Limit        

Balance = Credit Limit  - (Outstanding Amount + Pending Sales Order Amount)


Now the email scheduler can send customized report layout (all locations combined or not combined)

Solution: We have added a new menu item "Email scheduler (HO)" to schedule any report from HO only.  It has the following parameters:

Location Name




Data Period




Format FileIds &

Is Active.

Added a process for sale order approval or rejection based on credit limit.

Scenario: You may need a sale order approval system based on credit limit.


Solution :

In STO - Voucher Option, we have added an option called

Activate Approval = No/Yes/On Credit Limit

Added in Designation Master > Action

Allow Sale Order Approval = No / Yes

Allow Sale Order Rejection = No / Yes

In Sale Order Register added a column Approved = Yes / No / Reject. Based on this column you can use conditional formatting and filter etc.


Added a button > Approve > It will work based on users rights.

On selection this button and if Activate Approval = on Credit Limit

If credit limit - (Order amount + Current O/s amount) <= 0 then

System will ask "Credit Limit Exhausted, Do You Want to Approve = Yes / No"

If Yes then it will be marked as Approved

It will also save the date, time and user name who approved it.


Added a button > Reject > It will work based on users rights.

If you click Yes then it will ask for reason and mark it as Reject.

It will capture the Date,Time and User Name who rejected it.


Once the Sale Order is approved it will appear in

Sale Order Selection in Sale Challan.

Sale Order Selection in Sale Invoice.

It can be printed (it will not print if not approved / rejected).

On Approval / Rejection, SMS and Email would be sent to the Customer.

Added a option Stop Populating the Salesperson on Each New Product Scan

Scenario: The operator select salesperson after 1st product scan and then forget to change the sales person for next products. Therefore, it is required to stop attaching the salesperson on new row.


Solution : We have added a new option in sales options

Repeat Sales Person for New Row = Yes / No

Based on the option, the sales person will be populated on next scan of product.

DOS print from Day End Report on Specified Date.

Scenario: The following reports get printed for the current date even if you have selected a different date in the report.

MOP Summary

Sale Report

Stock Report

You might need to print these reports for a given date.


Solutions : The following reports will get printed for the date specified using F2 button.

MOP Summary

Sale Report

Note: The Stock Report will keep on printing as on date because it prints pre-calculated stock without the effect of selected date.

Included the Stock Statement in Email Scheduler

Scenario: The current "stock report" available in the email scheduler is based on pre-calculated stock.This report differs from the standard stock statement because of the date range. It's causing confusion when comparing these two reports.


Solution : We have renamed the "Stock Report" to "Stock Statement" in the email scheduler.It will now generate the report based on Stock Statement.

Hide keyboard input during prepaid transaction

Scenario: It might be required to stop the operators,for security reasons, from entering the card numbers manually in prepaid touch pos.


Solution : We have introduced Input without Keyboard Customer Prompt. This will mainly work in Prepaid Mode in Sale (Touch POS).

Go to Sale Voucher Option (S > T > T > V)

Set Prompt to Select Customer on Start = Without Keyboard.

With above settings, when you open Sale (Touch POS), keyboard won’t prompt. You have to swipe the customer's card in your card swiping device in order to select the customer. Now if the hardware keyboard is not present with your system you cannot select any customer without swiping their card.

Jio Money Integration using barcode or card device.

Scenario: Your customer might want to pay via Jio Money.


Solution: We have integrated Jio Money in our Mode of Payment. It will directly deduct money from customer’s Jio Money account paid through this MOP.


In Jio Money, We have added 2 methods for making the payment


2.Debit/Credit Card


In M > A > M > Ctrl + S (Vendor Settings we have added a new vendor

Jio Money > Here you need to define the Vendor Setting JSON

Example:  {"MerchantID": "99999999999", "TerminalID": "9999999", "MerchantName": "", "MerchantMobileNumber": "", "MerchantBusinessName": "", "IMEI": "99999999", "TransactionType": "sale", "TipPermission": "N", "TipPercent": "0", "EnvironmentVariable": "PRE-PROD", "Version": "V2", "ActivationCode": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX", "merchantInstitutionId": "XXXXXXX", "longitude": "0", "latitude": "0", "mobileId": "1111111111111111111111", "merchantAddress": "", "merchantCity": "", "merchantState": "", "merchantPincode": "", "merchantCategory": "", "dealerId": "", "dealerSubId": "", "dealerName": "", "dibUsername": "MPOS/SDK", "SendSMSEmail": "true"}

In Vendor Setting Master. Added a button "Map Device"

You need to map a device with new Merchant ID and Terminal ID. The Merchant ID and Terminal ID will be provided by Jio.

Now in Mode of Payment Master ( M > A > M )

Added a new vendor: Jio Money

Added a new input in MOP: Vendor Input Type.

Barcode ( For this you need the JIo Money app to generate the barcode, You have to enter the barcode while making payment).

Debit/Credit Card (For this you need to Map Device , the device in which you will swipe your Jio Money card).

Once you map the device, you are ready to accept payment through JioMoney Device / JioMoney App.

We have added a new button "Search Menu" on the main screen

Scenario : At the main screen, Ctrl + F button helps you to find and got to a particular module. However, there was no button for it. A button will help users to know and use this function.


Solution : We have added a button “search menu” on Main Menu Screen.

Online and Local Mode for the Help Manual i.e. F1 Button

Scenario : The CHM file is 40 MB and updating it on regular basis in update installer is not practical.


Solution : We have provided the help file online and local mode.

In Global Option TAG > added an option

Help Manual Mode = Online / Local

If online, then it will open the online help topic link.

If offline,It will open the file topic.

If offline (and file not present) then it will Show the following message. “The local help manual file is not found. Press No to use online and Yes to download the file”.

If yes, then it would show the download screen & download the latest CHM file.

On Login Screen,added a button "Update Manual". It will update the manual using the downloader.


We have secured the 'Detail' option at Cash drawer balancing.

Scenario : For security reasons, you might want to restrict your operators from using the “Detail” button while doing the Cash drawer balancing.


Solution : We have Added "CDB Detail Report" in Designation under Action Control

to control CDB Detail Report.

Added "Receipt of Cash on Delivery" in Day Audit Report and Cash Sheet

Solution : Added a table in Day Audit Report and Cash Sheet Designer for "Receipt of Cash on Delivery". Same table is available for report customization in Email Scheduler.

Now you may re-print the Money Receipt in PMS

Solution : In Room Booking (HTB) - added a button "Money Receipt". This button will work on opened reservation in modify mode. On selection of this button,it will open single selection list of  receipt vouchers against selected reservation id. Select voucher from lis to reprint the receipt.

Added ‘Regn No' and 'Folio No.' column in Ledger Report

Solution : We have added 2 columns in Ledger Report

Regn No

Folio No

Added Item Remarks field in Pending Sale Order Register

Solution : In S > R > P (Pending Sale Order Register) >  select a transaction > expand (Alt +E) > we have added a new column Item Remark.

It will show the remark entered while creating the Sale Order for that particular item.

We have got a smaller and better FULL installer 413

Direct Download Link > FusionERPInstallerR_2.413.exe

We recommend using this installer for all installation from now onward.


Note: The update installer can be downloaded from FR8UpdateR_2.413.exe. It is also available as auto update.

We have got a new Demo Database

Changes Made in RanceLabDemoDB (DB Version 8.2.413)

Added 2 Windows Print POS Format (With and Without Tax)

Updated Printer Commands

Added GPrinter KOT buzzer command to all printers

Added a new POS user > POS1

In M > I > L (Location Master)  > Set Link info > New Email Address for Link :

SMS + Email (Schedule and Business Alert)added all the functions with pre filled data with Is Active = No for all

Removed the duplicate mobile number + email id in customer master

In Cash MOP > we added New INR 500 Pic + INR 2000 pic and Removed old INR 1000

For Manager Designation > Action Control option the Display Report of Current Operator is set as No

Operator (POS) in Action Control >  “Void item not printed” is set to Yes.

In Sale PMS Voucher > Prefix changed to PMS (previously it was Abcd)

Financial year Start and book begin on is set to 1.4.2016 for all the locations.

Current Date is updated to all Demo Transaction to reflect new year.

Language button is added in Login screen on 4 position in all types of Login.

We have got a new Root DB

Changes Made in Root Database (DB Version 8.2.413)

Added 2 Windows Print POS Format (With and Without Tax etc.)

MOP Credit Card Master:  We have set Is Customer Info Reqd = No

SMS + Email (Schedule and Business Alert) added all the functions with pre filled data with “Is Active = No” for all

In Cash MOP > we added New INR 500 Pic + 2000 pic and Removed old INR 1000