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Release Notes RanceLab Release 3.003

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Rancelab Release 3.003

Required a Payment link to be sent on SMS / Email


Required a Payment link to be sent on SMS / Email using the Payu API.



In Location Vendor Setup: Add two more parameters in PayU EDC Setup




Final JSON will be:

{"merchantKey": "uzsRcu", "merchgantSalt": "yk3jBJtP", "baseurl": "", "payment-endpoint":"-payment", "status-endpoint":"merchant/postservice.php?form=2", "posexpirytime":"3600", "station-device": [{"station": "server", "posdeviceid": "G200WV15636"}, {"station": "bo1", "posdeviceid": "G200WV15637"}], "productinfo":"Rancelab", "email-template-id":"1517", "sms-template-id":"1518"}


On Print Bill in Tender Screen if payment is pending then it will send the payment link on SMS and Email.


Similarly, When you select "Cash On Delivery" Mode of payment on tender , it will also send the payment link on SMS and Email.

In Dispatch Home Delivery (S-T-L ) report - Added a button “SMS Pmnt Link (Ctrl + L)

For Mode of Payment is Cash On Delivery ,you can send the Payment link on SMS / Email from here.

Note:You can design the Email Template. Design details will be shared by the PayU team.


Require without PO Purchase challan should not be generated


It is required PO should be mandatory to generate Purchase challan and purchase challan  should be mandatory to generate Purchase Invoice i.e. workflow should be like

Purchase Order --> Purchase Challan --> Purchase Invoice


In Purchase Challan(P-T-N) Voucher Option - added an option

Allow Purchase Challan Without PO = Yes/No

If No,then do not allow to save the challan if PO is not selected


In Purchase Invoice (P-T-P) Voucher Option - added an option

Allow Purchase Invoice Without Purchase Challan = Yes/No

if No, then do not allow to save the Invoice if challan is not selected.


Require auto process to export data in Tally


At present we have to export data in tally either in offline mode or online mode manually from Export to tally (T-I-T).Now, it is required to export data in tally from process scheduler(T-M-P).


In Process Scheduler (T-M-P) - addeda new process in Process list

"Export Data To Tally"

This process will export data in Tally online or offline as per the settings defined in

Export Data to Tally (T-I-T)

The Data Period selected in the Process scheduler will be the date range to export data.

we need to set the below options in "Export Data to Tally (T-I-T)"


Data of Location

Tally IP:Port

Replace Tally Memo Number

Map Location with Cost Center

Exclude Voucher Type

Which Transaction to Export to tally.

Note: Pick all these options from Import and Export --> Export Data to Tally

And defined in the section Tally Export Option  

Content template id validation is required for bulk SMS

TRAI has issued a principal for validation of template id for SMS API

This has come to the force registration for sending bulk SMS communications,


a. Registration as Principal Entity (PE)

b. Assignment of header

c. Registration of Content Template

d. Transmission of PE id, header, Content id while offering for delivery of messages to TSPs

e. Registration of consent template (if any)

 f. Acquisition of consumer consent (if any)


It is required that template id to be generated/registered in fusion,to get the bulk SMS functionality active.


In SMS Business Alert and SMS Scheduler - added a field Template ID

Added <Template-ID>  tag in SMS Business Alert and SMS Scheduler

In API string we have to add this field


API String:<Mobile-Number>&MsgText=<Message>&EntityID=1301159066220356741&Templateid=


Note : If an API found to be in-compliance on above registrations, will be treated as invalid template id, template not registered etc.


Require last 4 digit of KOT No. in kot print

In Sale Invoice (S-T-S) Under KOT Print Option:

Added "KOT Digit" = Full/ Last 2 Digit / Last 3 Digit / Last 4 Digit


Require a report to reconcile the Zomato/Swiggy orders with RanceLab Data


It's required to do a reconciliation process for Zomato / Swiggy orders.


In Settings, Import and Export  --> under Import data(T-I-I) added two items in the list:

Zomato Orders

Swiggy Orders

In the file selection dialog box:

Select the specific Zomato/Swiggy orders excel file and map following fields:

Order ID (Zomato/Swiggy Order Id)

Order Status (Delivered/cancelled)

Net Receivable amount


After field mapping ,on selection "Recon Orders"(CTRL + R) of this button, a report "Reconcile Online Orders" will be generated with the following fields Based on order id in Zomato/Swiggy file.



Vch Date (From FR)

Vch No (From FR)

TP Channel (From FR)

Vch Amount (From FR)

Net Receivable (From Zomato and Swiggy file)

Order Status (From Zomato and Swiggy file)

Difference = Vch Amount - Net Receivable (Calculated field)


1.Order Id Column in Zomato

2.Order Id No column in Swiggy

3.Zomato Excel = Map with column Net receivable (INR) (Column-AE)

4.Swiggy Excel = Map with column Net Payable Amount (after TCS and TDS   deduction (Column-AD)

5.Order Status same column in both Zomato and Swiggy file.


Require enhancement in Sale bill POS Printing


At present when forced question or modifier are applied on billing (Zomato,Swiggy) in printing it prints both the

main product and forced question product are printed separately.


For example:

Kaju Barfi main product with zero rate has its three variants like kaju barfi 250gm,kaju barfi 500gm and kaju barfi 1kg, are forced question have rates,when order placed from Fusion or Zomato or Swiggy, bill prints as below:


1. Kaju Barfi 2 pkt 0.00 0.00

2. Kaju Barfi 500Gm 2 pkt 450.00 900.


It confuse operators and he packs both the product

It is required printing should be like below:

1. Kaju Barfi 2 pkt 450 900

    Kaju Barfi 500Gm

Windows Printing:

Work around:

As per requirement,Windows printing will be Customized.

Remove the main product from printing,to achieve this need to apply logic as below:

In this case Main product should be of type service.

in windows printing we will not print items which are of type service and rate =0



From KOT,popup bills are printed in POS format by default.


Allow bill printing as defined in voucher option of logged in user i;e; if in voucher option

Select Printing type =POS/Windows

POS Printing:

In Sale(S-T-S) under Bill POS Print Option(Alt+R), add an option:

Print FQ / Modifier Amt with Item = No/Yes

Based on this option, FQ or modifier amount will be added to the main product amount and calculate the rate accordingly.