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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.999

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Rancelab Release 2.999

Required Integration with Paytm EDC machine


Integration with Paytm EDC machine is required . This is to help make online payment using credit card,debit card,Qrcode UPI payment and wallet.


In Mode of Payment,(M-A-M)--set the vendor (Ctrl +S) Added Paytm EDC Vendor.


Sample JSON:

{"mid": "RanceC4sasdadd", "merchantKey": "Xxxx@#!$E3aaafff", "station-tid": [{"station": "server", "tid": "70000046"}, {"station": "bo1", "tid": "70000047"}], "baseurl":"", [^] "requesturl":"ecr/payment/request", "statusurl":"ecr/payment/status", "validationurl":"ecr/payment/validation", "refundurl":"refund/apply", "refundstatusurl":"v2/refund/status"}


Requirement of Dynamic QR Code at SaleTouch POS on B2C invoices


For restaurant business,basically who are maintaining billing Process at sale touch POS they have requested for the same Dynamic QR Code to accept UPI payments.


Integration the Dynamic QR (Bharat QR ) for Touch POS sale bill printing is Required.


Added some more parameter for offline QRCode generation:








Final JSON :

{"QRCodAPI": "", [^] "MerchantKey": "vwhVfj", "MerchantSalt": "Bam3xq3m", "QRCodeString": "generate-dynamic-bharat-qr", "CheckStatusString": "check-bqr-txn-status", "ExpirytimeInSecond": "300", "TokenAPI": "", [^] "BaseURL": "", [^] "CreateMerchantAPI": "/api/v1/merchants", "VerifyAPI": "/api/v1/merchants/{0}/verify", "GetCredential": "/api/v1/merchants/{0}/credential", "Product": "payumoney", "UPI": "rancelab.payu@indus", "MerchantName": "", "MerchantCategory": "7399", "MerchantIdentifier": "dzrh", "Version": "01"}


Require a report related to forced question


A report is required to identify a forced question which is selected with all active menus and also can change the forced question for those items from this report itself on go.


In Menu Management (MFM) - Product Change Report (ALT+R) Add a button "(Alt+F)=With FQ"

It will show the report with /Without FQ row-wise.

Integration with Paytm DynamicQRCode  


It is a External QR Display Screen


Payment Mode: QRCode (PayTM application)


Communication: For Windows 10 , it's plug and play and for Windows 7, you need to install the driver which will be shared as a bundle for install. And Confirm the “Images/resources” directory exists in the application folder. If the above condition fails, will throw error on payment initiate.


Usage: From RanceLab Tender Screen initiate the payment and the Dynamic QRCode will display in the DQR Display Device. Once the Payment completed, the device will show the success message





{"mid": "ABCD123456789", "merchantKey": "123456789", "baseurl":"","requesturl":"paymentservices/qr/create", "statusurl":"v3/order/status", "refundurl":"refund/apply", "refundstatusurl":"v2/refund/status", "version":"V1", "clientid":"C11", "station-param": [{"station": "", "portname":"", "baudrate":112500, "parity":0, "databits":8, "stopbits":1}]}



1.Update the software to the Higher version.


2. Connect the Paytm DQR code machine to the COM port.   Then note down the port name.


3. Get the station name of the software.


4. Modify vendor setting json:







5. Set the JSON into the Vendor Setting JSON and Save.

6.Paytm DQR code payment with following setting:

Create a Mode Of Payment for Paytm DQR code payment

Type=Credit Card

Account= set one a/c here.

Vendor=Paytm DQR


7.Set the MOP at sales voucher option and restart software..

8.In the tender screen,Either the payment is successful, a success message will be shown or it’s failed then a failed message will be shown there.


Mid and merchantKey should be collected from Paytm.