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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.212

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Download Link

You can download the update package by clicking below

Rancelab Release 2.212

Enhancement in Food Costing Report (WFF)

Renamed Columns

Cost of Production  > Actual Cost of Production

Cost/Portion > Actual Cost/Portion

Added new columns in the default view

Estimated Cost of Production

Estimated Cost/Portion

Added new columns in the product detail view

Var Qty

Var Amount

How to import menu?  Or How to modify menu in one go?

Scenario: It is required to import a new menu from excel file or update existing one.

A new button has been added in the menu master (MFM). Once you press this button, it will ask for an Excel file.

The Excel file should have two columns in Sheet 1

Column A1: Product Name

Column B1: Sale Rate

If the item is not present in product master, then it will show a message and skip the row.

If the item is not present in the menu, then it will add it. It will import the provided rate, but it will use the default value for other fields.

If the item exists in the menu, then it will update the item with the new rate. In this case, there will be no changes in the other values.


A new report called "Daily Cash Sheet” have been added.

You can access this report from Day End Report (SRD) > new button ALT+S. You can also schedule this report to be automatically emailed using the Email Scheduler (TSE).

It provides the following information

MOP Wise Sale Detail

Cash Sheet Ledger

Detail of Cash Denomination Received

Detail of Cheque Issued and Received

Detail of Credit Sale and Purchase for the day

SAP integration for cash related transactions.

This module creates an SAP ready excel file for each day id or based on date range provided by the user. You need to configure the settings in Location Export settings (TIP).


Enhancement in Sale Order Module

In Sales Order (STO), to delete an item, a button is added Alt+Delete.

Option to control the conversion of Sale to Purchase.

In Global Option, the following has been added

Sale to Purchase Conversion Method = Use Existing Child / Generate New Child ids

Modification of existing Customer Master during import.

It will help you to bulk edit customer masters using the import function.

During import, it will modify all the fields except mobile number and email id. The import file must have a card-id column. If card-id is missing, the import will assume that this is new data, and it will create duplicate masters.


Audit report to track the changes in Masters.

A new report Activity Report (Masters) (TSR) has been added. To activate this feature just set the below global option

Maintain Activity Log for Master = No / Yes

The log is available only for following masters.


Cost Center




Employee Schedule

Voucher Types


Forced Question




Mode Of Payment



Price List


Scheme and Promotion




Faster Reports.

Voucher View: It opens the default reports in voucher view without loading the item detail.  You can use a toggle button item detail (Alt + H) to get the report with item detail.

Product View: It provides item wise summary report with limited fields in column chooser. You can use a toggle button detail (Alt + D)


These change has been done in following reports


Sale Register

Sale Return Register

Sale Challan Register

Rejection Out Register

Sale Order Register

Purchase Register

Purchase Return Register

Purchase Challan Register

Purchase  Order Register

Rejection In Register

Stock Transfer Indent

Stock Transfer

Stock Journal Register


Added MRP and MRP Amount columns in reports.

Stock Journal Register

Stock Journal Preview

Physical Stock Register

Enhancement in Email Scheduler.

In the Email Scheduler (T S E ), a new report called "ML Compare Sales" has been added. This function sends out the data sync compare report automatically to given email address.

Credit note related fields have been added in the sale windows print.

Credit  Note No

Credit Note Date

Actual Amt

Adjusted Amt

Balance Amt

Columnar display of wait-staff, cancellation-reasons and seat in STT.

In STT, the columnar display is useful when you have a long list of masters such as wait-staff.


Modification of Card Location in Customer Master.

Now you can modify the customer card location from display screen in customer master.


Accessing Multiple Database Selection from Main Screen without changing the config file.

Scenario: After the split of large data, it is required to refer to old data for analysis. It is complicated to modify the config file and create different instances of RanceLab in multiple directories.


Solution:  Now you can access another database from the main screen. Notes:

It is not required to define the service for other DB. The service may not be running for the other DB.

The creation or modification of transactions and master is not allowed in other DB.

Only read access is available for another database. So only reports will work with other DB.

Rights to reports are based on the logged-in user of default DB.

The logged-in user may or may not exist in other DB.



1.Setup Location Master

Set Link Information:  Other Database Connection = Paste the xml here.

XML Example:




   <AuthMode>SQL Server</AuthMode>







   <AuthMode>SQL Server</AuthMode>






From the main screen - press the button "Other DB (Alt + O). It will show you the list of database as specified in above XML. Just select the database and check report.