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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.09

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Note: RanceLab requires Windows 7 or higher. Windows XP is no longer supported this version onwards.

Important Notes:

The architecture has changed. Please read following sections of manual

System Requirement

Upgrade from RanceLab Older Version  to RanceLab newer version is very simple. Just select the existing installed folder and the installer will update everything for you.

The direct upgrade requires RanceLab Release 6.1.822 or higher. If you are using the previous version then it is recommended that you first upgrade it to R 6.1.822.

The installer release 2.21 is available for download from here.

The manual is available at

The demo database is enhanced with many new things. It is always recommended to use the latest demo data.

System Changes:

Connect with Remote Data Service: No need for setting up DB at the branch or laptops of traveling executives.

Speed is increased by 3 X

Enhancement in UI

Changes in Action Buttons

You can search the menu for faster navigation with available modules

User Ctrl + F in any menu screen to search the available module.

Many new business alerts are now available through SMS alert.

Enhancement in Team System

Now Team System can be controlled based on the user.

If a team is not defined in the location, it will be controlled by the team defined in the user master.

Team System is now available on Salesperson.

In a multi-location environment different salespersons working at each location.

During the sale, the list is filtered based on the team.

Now you can mark a station as ‘Closed’.

A station with ‘status = closed’ does not allow any user to log in except administrator.

Maintaining Inventory without Product Child ID

You can maintain inventory without the product child id concept.

You can add and remove columns from the master and transactions display report.

Enhancement in the Master Display Report

All the functionality of normal reports is available in display reports.

Enhancement in CRM Point Calculation

You can now award your customer with points based on product value.

Sometime you may need to reward customer loyalty points depending on the product purchased by the customer. You may also need to award double points of some special products.

For example: Buying a RADO watch will earn the 3 times the regular points. In this case, if the sale price of an item Rs.100, it will earn 3 points (if rs.100 = 1 point is for regular products).

The point calculation can be set to exclude the tax while awarding the CRM points.

Licensing is Enhanced

Activation and Surrender is smoother now.

You need NEW license keys to activateRanceLab



DOS Barcode Printing is now enabled in Production Module called from Quick Mode of Touch POS.

It is based on Stock Journal Option.

It supports both the DOS mode and Windows mode.

Aging Analysis has been added in Bulk Print of Ledgers.

A table with outstanding detail with age has been added in the multi ledger print file ‘LedgerPrint.repx’.

You can get an updated ‘LedgerPrint.repx’ file with ageing analysis from here

Linking process for bills, kot and coupons in food court and QSR environment

The daily order number has been added in the KOT, coupon and bill.

If the table number is prepaid then it will print the daily order number.

Implementation Notes for a Food Court. Set the following in DOS Print Option

Section > Touch POS Receipt Option > Set >Table Number = Yes

Section > Coupon Print Option > Set > Print Table Number = Yes

Section > Coupon Print Option > Set > MemoID on Coupon = No

Section > Coupon Print Option > Set > Print Item Code = No

KOT Printing Enhancement

Item grouping in KOT printing is now available on Sub Menu and Counter.

You may use the same for multicourse serving.

In Sale Challan DOS Print, these options have been added

Print Total in VAT Analysis = No /Yes

Print Tax % in VAT Analysis = No /Yes


A new report Budget Variance Report has been added under financial reports.

A new report Day Audit Report has been added.

It can be assessed by button ^D Day Audit in Day End Report.

This report is also available in Email Scheduler.

It includes modules such as Sale Summary, MOP Analysis, Key Performance Indicators, Group wise Sales, Subgroup wise Sales, Operator wise MOP Analysis, Tax Analysis, Food Type wise Sales, Discounted Invoices, Void / Modified Invoices, Re-Print Invoices, Unsettled Invoices and Credit Invoice numbers.

A sample report can be seen here.

Enhancement in Pivot Reports

In ‘Add Column’ function of any pivot report, a new input called “Summary Display Type" has been added.

It has got function like Rank, Absolute Variation, % of Column, % of Column Grand Total, % of Grand Total, Variation etc.

Now you can choose to show / hide total columns.  In any pivot report, right click on data area or vacant area to get 2 options > row total and column total.

In Voucher wise Sale Register TAG Order Filed has been added.

Email scheduler will create a meaningful file name using report name, location name, date and time.

New Report Periodical Report (Location) has been added

It displays location wise periodical report for ledgers or groups

You can select single or multiple location

New Report Periodical Report (Ledger) has been added

It displays periodical report for entire ledgers

You can select single or multiple location

Periodicity has been added in the drill down in Stock Statement report.

Select a product and press enter to show periodical balance. Press enter again to move to stock ledger.

Enhancement in Auto Journal of Semi-Finished Recipe:

The semi-finished recipe concept is enhanced to allow two levels in auto consumption.

For Example, food pack has burger in the recipe and burger has patties in the recipe. The auto journal will reduce the inventory of raw material based on the recipe of patties used in the number of sold burgers.

Enhancement in Food Costing report:

The food costing report is enhanced to show the related is-semi product. If butter is used in the recipe of burger and recipe of patties, it will be shown twice, one with blank and one with patties.

If set is used in recipe then the first product of the set with last purchase rate will be shown in consumption of the food costing report.

Actual quantity and actual amount column is added during expand mode of product.

A new field ‘Tag of Table’ has been added in sale register in voucher view

This field is used in Touch Pos Sale (S T T).

In Stock Replenishment Report, column name has been changed from RO Quantity to RO Level.

The new column ‘Is Block’ has been added to the Customer List report

In a prepaid setup, you might need to block some cards.

The blocked cards cannot be used in prepaid transactions.

A field "is block" is available in the column chooser of this report.

A field ‘Status Change Date’ has been added in the stock transfer report.

It helps you to know the time of last changes made using the “Change Status” from transit to receive mode.

The guest in house report in PMS will now show the day-wise number of guest.


Enhancement while doing AutoFill Item in Invoice from Challan

In sale or purchase transaction now you can control the auto fill of items.

An option "Auto Fill Challan Detail = Yes / No / Ask" has been added in Sale and Purchase

Yes = Autofill all the products that are available in challan

No = Instead of auto fill up all the products, a FILTER will be applied in the product list. However, there is no filter on Scan.

After selecting a challan you can select another challan.

If you want to enter some product without taking challan, you need to select it before selecting a challan.

Bill Remarks field has been added in Sales Transactions, Touch POS, Scan POS, Sale Order, Sale Challan, Rejection In, Sale Return

Input available at delivery detail input box.

The field is available in respective voucher wise registers.

The remarks field has also been made available in the field list in preview designer for windows printing of invoice.

For DOS mode it is printed based on option ‘Print Narration = Yes’

Credit Note day validity is introduced

You can now define the validity days for the credit note issued during the sales return and exchange. The customer must redeem the credit note within the defined period.

Blocking of overdue post-paid cards at Touch POS base on the credit limit defined in the customer ledger.

Enhancement in Room Booking

Sometimes you may need to check-in or check-out all guest in a group booking in one go.

In room reservation voucher (H >T >B), group check-in and group check- out concept has been introduced.

If a room is marked as check-in by mistake, you can uncheck-in to revert back.

The context menu in the room status screen has two new function > move and un check-in.

Folio Number Series is now available in PMS to avoid inconstancy in series of daily vouchers.

In PMS module the voucher number is generated at the time of room reservation and it is printed in invoice as bill no.

Due to difference in the date of reservation and date of actual check-in makes it difficult to maintain a series of the printed bills.

The invoice number in a series is also lost when we void or cancel a reservation.

So it is better to use the newly added field called Folio Number.

Now a single invoice can be generated from group booking reservation voucher.  

KOT Numbering System:

User defined KOT numbering system is now available.

You can choose to reset the KOT number on daily, monthly or yearly basis.

Product wise ledger mapping for accounting entry during sale and purchase has been added

User defined time interval is now available in SPA reservation scheduler.

Touch POS: You can select more than one sub menu for a product to make it available in two different sub menus. For example Carlsberg can be shown in BEER and DRINKS.



Multi-unit in price list has been introduced.

The price list is now much easier to setup with the option to setup based on brand or sub group.

You can modify the customer master in the offline mode even using IP as method of communication.

Set Allow Offline Mater Modification at Branch = Yes.

Banks deduct some commission for credit card payments.

To make bank reconciliation easier, bank commission ledger and % has been added in the mode of payment master.


Import and Export:

Stock transfer indent import option has been added in import data module.

In multi-location environment, outlets sends their requirement in terms of Indents to the main store via email in excel format.

Auto Import of data based on user defined mapping and interval.

Now you can import sale data with duplicate product child id from the same excel file.