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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.959

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Rancelab Release 2.959

Require IRN no field in Sale and sale return register

In Sale Register (S-R-S) and Sale Return Register (S-R-R),

Added “ IRN “ field in Column Chooser(Alt+F3).


Change required in E-invoice Json for a service item


In E-invoice Json for service item bill, it should be IsServc: "Y", In product master, if Item Type = Service then

IsServc: "Y"


IsServc: "N",


Require designation option for Auto Recipe button


The recipe ingredients are not authorised for Franchise Location users. So, required an       option in Designation setup


In Designation Setup(M-O-D), Under Action Control added an option in Stock Journal

"Auto recipe= Yes/No/Secure"