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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.21

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Enhancement in Accounting Reports

Two following new column has  been added in Cash Book, Bank book, Ledger Report, Day Book, Journal Book and Outstanding (Ledgers)


Line Narration


Enhancement in Touch POS

Till now there was no option to change the location in touch pos. Now you choose to use the location of the user.

A new option “Use User Location in Touch POS = No / Yes” has been added in the global option.

Set this option to yes and the touch pos will start taking the location defined in the user.

If there is NONE location selected on the user, then it will work on default location.

This option works with FusionMobi.


Concept of Day End Reporting for an Outlet that Runs 24 Hours

An option “Default Day Start Time (in Hrs)” has been added in the Global Option.

For example, if a outlet opens at 10 am in the morning and closed 2 am the next day. It would be important for them to get a day end reports to tally the cash drawer.

In this case you need to enter 10 in the above field.

After that, all report will be shown for Today-10.00-am to Tomorrow-09.59-am hours.

It works the same way for any date range like FromDate-10.00-am to ToDate -09.59-am hours.


Enhancement in  the Display Screen of all Transaction

Now you can open print preview from display screen of all transaction voucher. It saves you from opening the voucher and taking a printout.


Concept of Using Group of Locations (or Group of Companies)

While looking at a report, you might want to see report for a group of location.

A new button (Company Alt + F12) has been added.

It groups up the location that has the common company name.

A new security control has been added in designation master under action control.