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RanceLab Release 3.031

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You can download the update package by clicking below

RanceLab Release 3.031

Welcome to RanceLab 2.0's 1st Release | RanceLab Software Version 8 Release 3.031

Hello Friends

From today, your favorite software which is known as FR8, FusionERP 8, FusionRetail 8, FusionResto 8, FusionMobi, and FusionHD.


Our splash screen has a new look.


New Enhancements :

A Link server has been established to make connection between RanceLab & FusionMobi (or any online service).

FusionMobi can connect now to specific branch.

Voucher number series will be continued of Branch when order is received through App of UrbanPiper.

Now we can receive order of Multiple Virtual Locations in a single database.

Connecting FusionMobi with Static IP is thing of the past. Now RanceLab has introduced a breakthrough technology called RCID (RanceLab Customer ID). This will be unique for every database Server. A Link server has been established which will issue every database a RCID & user will have to use this RCID once while connecting to RanceLab software data with FusionMobi or any online service.

RanceLab Stub:

After updating to RanceLab 2.0 a new folder named RanceLab Stub will be created automatically.


Once you start your RanceLab software after updation you'll see below page with given details:


Note : Your RCID is generated once only & will be same forever. Keep it noted for connecting it to FusionMobi


Connection to FusionMobi is simpler.

When you'll start FusionMobi 401 or above it'll ask you the RCID.

Here enter your RCID with dash / hyphen sign.

Note: FusionMobi 401 or higher is required to connect to RanceLab 2.0 Release 2.031. Previous version aren't compatible now.


TIP : Here you can type branch server RCID also if you don't wish to connect it to HO server & don't want to show all locations data in FusionMobi.


Order directed to branch server.

Order will directly land into Branch Server so will come with in few seconds after order is placed & branch server will send the order details to HO server so the time will be taken much lesser than before. Will take 10-15 seconds to process a order.


Virtual Location


A business has multiple running as cloud kitchen with varioud brand names. Now wants to receive all orders in single system only.



Now it is possible to have multiple brand names under a single roof & system. All orders will come to respective RCID & location id & name doesn't matter to it.


Note: Now RCID will be used in Integrations instead of Location ID which was previously being used.