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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.943

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Rancelab Release 2.943

Require Multi MOP Option for Zomato and Swiggy Orders


Require Multi MOP Option for Zomato and Swiggy Orders received from Urban piper platform

Payment-gateway: Online Paid order and merchants will receive the payment in a bank account.

Aggregator: This is used when the payment option is handled by the aggregator platform

Cash: COD order and merchants have to collect cash from the rider.


To achieve this, added below in UrbanPiper Settings JSON in Global Option.

"MOPOption": "0",


If MOPOption value is 0, then we will work with single MOP, and if it is one, then we will work with multi MOP.

If Multi MOP then in settings > MOP > Channel > you had to set UrbanPiper MOP Name


SMS on Bill to be activated while accepting HD order

Now 'Sale Link' SMS can be used for HD-app sale transactions.


Example: Activate the Sale Link SMS at SMS business alert. Then place an order from HD app. kot popup will come to the FusionResto.Click on the Print KOT button. Now on accepting HD order, the Sale Bill SMS link will be sent to the customer’s mobile no.


Require FQ unit name print option at KOT print

In Sale POS print option under KOT print option, one option is added here.

"Print FQ Unit (KOT) = Yes/No"

If you select "yes", then the force question will print along with the unit .


Enhancement in Day Audit Report


Need sale return transaction amount involvement in Day Audit Report. Now Gross Sale & Net Sale at Day Audit Report only comes with sale data.

The requirement is to show total net sale after deduction of sale return data.



In the Day End report - Day Audit Report(ctrl+D) Added a new section for Sale Return like Sale with the following field.

Gross Sale Return



Net Sale Return

Tax Amount

Other Charges

Other Discount


Total Sale Return

Net(Sale-Sale Return)



Note: Now we will show Tax and MOP Analysis excluding Sale Return Amount.



Require UDF fields of Employee Master in Pay Slip Print

UDF fields of employee masters have been added in the Payslip design file.


Require transaction voucher no. in customer statement

In Customer Relationship Report - Customer list. (C - R - L) Added VchNumber field in preview designer. It will show VchNumber in the case of the Sale Bill only.



Require salesperson name in product Info preview

In Sale Scan POS (STS) - In Product Info (F8)

Added two fields in product info preview design 'SalesPerson name' And 'SalesPersonInitial'.