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Release Notes RanceLab Release 2.821

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Require to export Cash sheet for ledger group other than Cash.


We export SAP Cash Sheet data into an excel sheet by option only for the transaction (Sale, Purchase & Finance Voucher) done for Cash A/c.

But now we also want to export expense voucher data (entered with this new a/c) into excel sheet separately and existing Cash A/c data export should remain as it is.



In Location Export Setting (T I P) - Under Export "Settings for Cash Sheet"

an option is added

"Groups for Cash Sheet = Blank / Multi Selection List".


If it is blank, then it will consider the Cash Group by default.

If multiple groups are selected in the above field, then separate sheets will be generated for each group.

Qty Multiplication based on Sweets Box Billing in Scan and Touch POS.


In a sweet shop, the customer asks for a customised gift pack of sweets. The choice is variable. The customer first decides on the items and qty to be packed in a box. After the contents of a box are decided, they order the number of this customised box. Now the operator needs to multiply the qty of each item based on the required box. It is time-consuming and also leads to errors. For that, a simpler method is required.



A button is added: "Multiply Qty".

It will ask for QTY to multiply.

Once the qty is entered, it will multiply the quantity of every item present in the bill.

We will check the "Add Quantity" designation for this functionality.

It will not run in the case of the Prepaid System.

We cannot check the Special Modifier in this case.

Shortcut Key in Touch POS = B

Shortcut key in Scan POS/ Sale Return / Sale Order/ Sale Challan / Sale Order = Ctrl + A