ID #1642

Release Note 1.344


Touch POS


  • Now, You can print Customer's mobile number in Sale Bill. Just go to Sale Screen, Press 'Alt + R' Option and Set 'Customer Address = Yes’ and create a sale bill with a customer to check the print.


  • Now you can use different modes of Customer creation in different menu “Create offline Data =Yes” option removed from offline Location Export Screen
  • Some enhancement done in short cut key to open Table. Now it can open table irrespective of layouts. You can open a table from another layout also by using the shortcut key.
  • Onscreen keyboard will open if you double click in the mobile number field in Home delivery mode customer creation screen. 
  • According to the new feature, a table remains in 'My Table' mode until you print the bill. After printing the bill it will changed to ‘Done Soon’ mode and after Finishing it will ‘Vacant’
  • If there is no CRM point, generated against a customer, that customer details will not travel to other locations.
  • According to the new modification, if you redirect your printers in one of your location the information will not travel to other locations for making changes there.
  • 'Modification of master at Branch Location = No' in Global option will not affect customer modification in branch through Home delivery Screen
  • Now software will show an alert message if you want to add a new item after printing bill of that table (in done soon table)

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