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I want to add transportation charges

with my purchase cost to increase the purchase cost, which will not affect the final bill amount. What steps should I follow?  

Answer: By using the new functionality introduced in RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 you can easily do the above mentioned task. Please use the below mentioned steps to achieve your goal.

Step1: Changes in the global Option

Step2: Creating a new other charges master

  1. Go to Main Menu > Master Data Management > Account > Charges Master (M> A> D)
  2. Create a new master as “Transaction Charges”
  3. Select other details and ledger name.
  4. Set “Add in Bill= No” (if you don’t want to show the value in the purchase bill, else set it ‘Yes’)
  5. Set “Add in Rate = Yes” (if you want to add the transportation charge with the purchase rate)
  6. Save.

Step3: Adding the other charges with the purchase transaction

  1. Go to Main Menu > Purchase Management > Transaction > Purchase Invoice (P> T> P)
  2. Alt + O (or you may also use ‘–O Opt Voucher’ button)
  3. Go to  Charges field
  4. Enter
  5. Alt + L
  6. Select Transportation charge from the list
  7. Enter
  8. Save

Step4: Creating a purchase transaction

  • Go to Main Menu > Purchase Management > Transaction > Purchase Invoice (P> T> P)
  • Alt + L
  • Select supplier name from the list
  • Enter Supplier reference, Supplier date, Due Date, Order Number.
  • Click on OK button. (it will open a new window to enter other charges detail)
  • Enter ‘Other Discount (-)’ (if applicable)
  • Click on OK button
  • Alt + L
  • Select product name from the list
  • Enter other details here. (please take a closer look on the purchase child entry screen, the ‘+%’ column is already acquired the value provided in step 2)
  • Press F10 to save
  • On the purchase screen you will find the bill total without adding the Transportation Cost.
  • Save.
  • Enter ‘Other Charges (+)’ (if applicable)
  • Continue pressing enter
  • It will calculate ‘Transportation Charge’ automatically according to the given rate in Step2

Step5: Creating a voucher entry for Transportation charges

  1. You can open the account voucher entry directly from the purchase screen. Just press Ctrl + V from your keyboard (or you may also use ‘^V Pay Vch’ button)
  2. Enter a voucher entry By Transportation Charge To Cash.
  3. Enter Narration
  4. Save.

Step6: Checking the account reports.

  • Press Alt + L
  • Select ‘Transportation Charge’ from the list.

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