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How to return the advance taken against a sale order?

Requirement: I got advance payment of INR 5000 against a sales order.

While making the sale entry the sale amount is INR 4500. The customer wants INR 500 back.

How do I return INR 500 to her?

Solution: You need to make a payment entry to give INR 500 back to her.

  • Go to Payment Voucher Entry (Main > F > T > V > press F5 for payment)
  • By Advance Against Order ........... Dr ...... (Type in INR 500 here)
  • Bill wise detail windows will popup
  • Select against ref in bill wise details and select order reference number
  • To Cash or Bank ................. Cr ...... (500)
  • Save and the advance is now adjusted. 


Please click here for more info on Sale Order Register 

Tags: Sale Order, Voucher Entry

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