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How to customize the windows print format of Payment Voucher?

I want to modify the windows print format of my Payment Voucher as per my requirement.

But when I click “–V Preview Dgn” button nothing happens. 

Concept of Preview Designer Button: The "-V Preview Dgn" will work only if a related voucher is opened in modify mode. It is not designed to open in entry mode.

Steps to modify the design of windows preview of "Payment Voucher".

 Open any payment voucher in modify mode (press Page Up or Page Down from your keyboard)

  • Now click "-V Preview Dgn" button  or press Alt + V
  • A designer window will open.
  • Modify the design and save as new file
  • Now this newly created file in windows print option (use Alt + W)

 Note : Please make sure that you place the file in fr6 shared folder i.e. \\server\Fr6Share\FormatFiles folder

Related Faq

I have created a new design for my payment voucher but it does not open in other nodes.

Ans: Please make sure to save the file in the FR6Share\FormatFiles folder of the Server in order to make the file available to all nodes.

Example : If the name of the server is POSServer, I need to save the file in the following folder


Click here for more information on Printing Transactions (voucher , invoice etc.) 

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