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Is it possible to track previous rate changes?

In the last week I changed rate for some of my products brand wise. Today, by mistake, again I changed rate of some of those items again.


New option added in FusionRetail6 now you can keep track on your previous rate changes. Please use the following steps …

  1. Go to Main Menu > Warehouse Management > Transaction > Rate Change (W> T> E)
  2. Alt + O (opens option screen)
  3. Set ‘Check Previous Changes = Yes’
  4. Save
  5. Now whenever you scan a product it will check in the database, if any previous rate change have been done it will give a message as ‘Previous Rate Change on dd-mmm-yyyy’. Where ‘dd-mmm-yyyy’ represents the date on which rate change has been done of that product.
  6. Here you can find three buttons. Use them as per your requirement…


If you click this button it will always shows the same message box. This button is to avoid the mistake of scanning the second item in the scan field.


If you click this button it will ignore the message box and highlight the scan field to scan another item.


If you click this button it will add the scanned item in the rate change screen.

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