ID #1846

Enable product child in Sale Invoice (Touch POS).

Steps are as follows:

  1. Set “Enable Child = Yes” in the Sales Option to allow using Product Child ID in Sale Invoice (Touch POS) transactions.
Rules are as follows: 

Condition 1 : There are 4 child present with stock

      • It will take the child on FIFO basis by default.
      • If Sale Qty > Stock in Hand of the selected child item then it will not check negative stock.


Condition 2 : There are 4 child present without stock or negative stock.

      • It will select the last child.


Condition 3 : If there is no child found

      • It will take zero child | 4-digit-code + 0000 + 000 | (current setup)


Condition 4 : If you scan the 11 digit code in register mode

      • It will not check the negative stock.


Note: It is not linked with "Allow Negative Stock" and "Check max stock qty" in the Sales Option.


Tags: Product Child

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