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What is coupon and how it works?

Coupon is a printed slip to be used by the customer to collect the purchased goods from the specified counter.

Coupon is printed after the bill is printed. It works in the same way in both table mode and the quick mode.


Faq : When it will print coupon in the table mode?

Ans : Once you finish the table - the coupon will be printed. (Not like KOT which is printed after every order in the table)


Faq : Will it print coupon if I modify the bill and add some item to it ?

Ans : No. It will print the coupon only for the first time.

However you can use the re print coupon function from the view bill.


Faq : What if my customer want to add some Item after I finish the bill.

Ans : Simple. Make another bill.

However you will need to manually add the amount if the customer is willing to pay together for both the bill. 

In this case we suggest to first complete the 1st transaction i.e. take payment - tender - give the balance amount return.  Then start a new transaction.

This will remove the chances of mistake and improve the efficiency. 

Note : Moreover the customer will not mind if you follow this practice. 

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