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How to create a credit sale and how to adjust it?


You can create credit sales in FusionRetail 6 and can easily adjust the same. Please use the following steps to achieve this goal.

Step1: Creating a Credit customer

  • Go to Main > Master Data Management > Others > Customer Master(M> O> C)
  • Select Customer’s Salutation (e.g. Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., etc.)
  • Enter Customer Name
  • Set “Allow Credit Sale = Yes
  • Go to “Account” field and press Ctrl + N
  • Now Create an account with the name of the Customer
  • Set “Group Name = Sundry debtors”
  • Set “Bill Wise detail = Yes”
  • Enter other details
  • Save


  • In Account field of Customer creation screen select the newly created account name from the list
  • Save



Step2: Adding “Credit Sale” MOP in Scan POS

Step3: Creating an credit sale

Step4: Adjusting an credit sale

  • Go to Main Menu > Financial Management > Transaction > Voucher Entry(F> T> V)
  • Alt + L(open list)
  • Select the Customer's account name from the list
  • Enter amount in credit field
  • Press enter, this will open a new POP up window
  • Set “Type of Ref = Against Ref.
  • In Name field press Alt + L
  • Select reference bill number from the list
  • Press Enter twice
  • In "By" field select cash or any other account from the list
  • Enter narration
  • Save

Step5: Viewing the report of that customer



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