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What to do if the Product Name doesn't show in the list during sale?

Scenario: In the Sale Invoice (Scan POS) if I press ALT+L at Product field then it is not showing few items, though in the Stock Statement those are showing with positive stock.


Solution: This problem might have happened due to the Product List data might have filtered and subsequently got saved by any reason. Please follow the steps given below to get default Product List.


  1. From main go to the Sale Invoice (Scan POS) (S > T > S)
  2. Press ALT+L to select the product at Product field
  3. Press F9 key
  4. Then press Esc key to get out of the List screen
  5. Press ALT+L again at the Product field
  6. Now whole products will be showing in the list.



Same steps can be used to rectify problem like above in any list like Supplier, Customer etc. at any transaction.


Tags: F9, List

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