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Is it possible to run FR6 with Oracle, My SQL, PostgreSQL or IBM DB2?


Scenario 1:

I have bought licenses of other database servers such as Oracle. Will fr6 works with that or do I need to buy licenses for MS SQL server?


FR6 only supports MS SQL Server. Please note that it works with MS SQL Server 2008 Express Edition which is a free DB Server and can hold database size up to 8 GB.  You do not need to pay any licensing cost for SQL Server. However you might need a higher edition of SQL Server such as Standard Edition license in HO once the database size grows more than 8 GB. To know more about size of FR6 DB, please click here.


Scenario 2:

I have an ERP running on Oracle. I want to exchange data between FR6 and ERP. If FR6 works with only MS SQL then how do I exchange data?

FR6 does provide excellent export and import support for XML, Excel and CSV data formats. Actually it does not make any difference to have two different DB servers as far as the data exchange is concerned. 

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