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Payroll Voucher

It is used to enter transactions related to salary. You can enter transaction either manually or automatically for all selected employees together. In order to maintain salary transaction automatically for all selected employees in one go, please follow the steps mentioned bellow;


Step 1: Salary Booking:

    1. Go to the "Payroll Voucher" (E> T> P).
    2. Press 'Alt + A' or click on “-A Auto Calc” button.
    3. Enter date from which you want to prepare the salary at “From Date” field.
    4. Enter date till which you want to prepare the salary at “To Date” field.
    5. Press enter on “Employee” field and select all employees for whom you want to process the salary else you don’t need to select.
    6. Select a ledger like Salary Payable in “Payroll Ledger” field.
    7. Now press 'Alt + C' or click on “-C Calc Pay” to prepare a salary voucher for all the selected employees and subsequently all salary ledgers will be debited and Salary Payable account will be credited.



    • In every pay head, it will show aggregate amount for all the employees as shown in the picture above.
    • Pressing 'Enter' on the pay heads you will get fund that are automatically allocated to the respective cost centers of the employee as shown in the picture below.
    • To enable cost Center Allocation you must set Yes to “Cost Center” field while creating pay head ledgers.

Step 2: Salary Payment:
  1. Go to the "Payroll Voucher" (E> T> P).
  2. Select ledger “Salary Payable” at Debit/By.
  3. Enter the total aggregate amount.
  4. After entering the amount it will prompt you to "Cost Center Allocation" screen.
  5. In this screen you need to allocate fund to the respective cost centers of the employees as shown in the picture below and then click on "Ok".
6.  Now select ledger “Cash or Bank” at Credit/To.
7.  Enter the total amount same as Salary Payable.
8.  Press 'Alt + S' to save the transaction.



  • In order to know aggregate amount of salary payable, and amount payable to an employee for a certain period you please check the Pay Sheet report. 
  • In order to enter salary voucher manually you please check the link given below;
      Creating Pay Head Masters for employee general deductions

Payroll Voucher Buttons:

The Buttons are explained in Employee Master and Attendance Voucher. Buttons specific to "Attendance Voucher" are discussed here; 

-A Auto Calc Click this or press 'Alt + A' to get Auto Payroll screen.
^W Open Drawer Click this or press 'Ctrl + W' to open the cash drawer.
-V Preview Dgn Click this or press 'Alt + V' to get designer screen to change print format of  Payroll Voucher document.
-F3 Report Click this or press 'Alt + F3' to get Ledger Report.
-E List Editor Click this or press 'Alt + E' to get List Editor screen.
-F11 Chg Voucher Click this or press 'Alt + F11' to change voucher type.
-C Calc Pay Click this or press 'Alt + C' to prepare the salary voucher automatically.
Payroll Voucher button
Payroll Voucher button.....
Payroll Option: 
Attendance Voucher Option
Prompt for UDF Set "Yes" to get "UDF" screen automatically during transaction else set "No"
Ask Before Saving Set "Yes" to get a message before save the transaction else set "No".
Auto Preview After Save Set "Yes" to have a preview of the bill before printing, Set "No" to print the  bill instantly.
Repeat Narration Set "Yes" if you want to repeat previous narration automatically in each transaction else set "No". Exit from the screen will loss this functionality.
Narration for each entry Set "Yes" if you want to enter narration for each row either Dr. or Cr. Else set "No".
Select type of Printing Select the method of bill printing :
  1. "POS" method to print in narrow roll paper.
  2. "Windows" method to print in A4 size paper.
Auto Print After Save (POS)
  1. Set "Yes" to print the bill automatically after entry.
  2. Set Ask to ask for  confirmation after entry, to print the Bill.
  3. Set No if you do not want to print bill.


Payroll Print Option:

Header Enter the content of the header for the print document.
Document Title Enter the content of the title for the print document (E.g. Invoice Cum Challan).
Footer Enter the content of the Footer for the print document.
Format Files Press <enter> and then select the format file of the print document from the list. You may select more than one format, then during printing, you will get print one after another.
Print Multiple Format Set "Yes" if you like to print in multiple formats else set "No".
 POS Print Option
Print Ledger Balance Set "Yes" if you want to print ledger balance in bill else set "No".
Print Station Set "Yes" if want to print POS station name in bill else set "No".

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