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Daily Attendance using Num Pad

Without using any other devices like Finger Print Scanner, Smart Card Device etc you can enter daily attendance manually using this functionality.
Step 1: Setting up Attendance Voucher option:
    1. Go to the "Attendance Voucher" (E> T> A).
    2. Press 'Alt + O'.
    3. Set "Num Pad" at “Method of Input” field.
    4. Press 'Alt + S' to save the changes.
Step 2: Enter daily attendance manually using Num Pad:
  1. Go to the "Daily Attendance" (E> T> D).
  2. You will get "Swipe Card" screen.
  3. Enter employee code and press 'Enter' and then click on "Ok".
Num Pad
    • Every employee need to enter his/her employee code twice in a day. Enter the employee code first time while entering into the office and at last time while leaving the office. 
    • In Num Pad it will accept only numeric values, so before using this functionality make sure that codes of all employees are numeric.

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