ID #1661

Release Note 1.361


Touch POS




  • Message language changed in log files to make it more understandable.
  • The log in screen has a complete new look now.
  • Now splash screen will load quickly than previous version. It will also show information of component, getting loaded.
  • The ML Status is now having a new name as “Multilocation Data Status”
    • New Columns Added in Multilocation Data Status:
  • Inbox Data
    Data received from other locations via FTP which are in the database table
    Outbox Data
    Data send to other Locations via FTP which are in the database table
    Local Files to Import
    Files pending in the Import folder of the Local system
    Local files to Export
    Files pending in the Emport folder of the Local system
    FTP Files
    Numbers of Files present in FTP folder
    FTP Oldest Time
    Time, when the file is being uploaded in the FTP Folder (Standard American Time)
    FTP Latest Time
    Latest time (Standard American Time)
    Diff In Hrs
    Difference of "FTP Oldest Time" and "FTP Latest Time"

New Button Added Multilocation Data Status

  • [Alt + F] = FTP status. It opens the Root folder in the server. You can check from the software itself the status of the files in the server.

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