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How to set up the KOT printer attached to node 2?


Please follow the steps to create and setup a KOT printer in one of my node PC.

Step1: Creating a new Printer setting and attaching it to the Station

Use the following link for more information on printer setting

Step2: Creating a KOT printer.

  • Go to Main Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Station Setup (T > A > S)
  • Alt + L.
  • Select Station.
  • Come to KOT printer1
  • Press Ctrl + N.
  • Type Device Name as KOT.
  • Set “Device Type = Receipt Printer”
  • Set “Driver Type = DOS”
  • Come to Port.
  • Set “Device Port = The Port were Printer is attached (Default if USB)”
  • Insert required Commands.
  • Save.


For more details please visit:


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