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How to setup an Ethernet KOT Printer?

Answer: After installing the Ethernet printer properly you must have a Port number for that Ethernet printer. Please use the following steps to implement the printer setup…


Step2: Set Up in FusionRetail6 For DOS Mode printing


  • Save and Exit.
  • Select the KOT Printer name from the list and save Station Master.


 Step3: Attaching the KOT printer with the Menu

  • Go to Main Menu > Master > F&B > Menu Management(M> F> M) 
  • Alt + L (open list) 
  • Select Menu from the list 
  • Go to KOT Printer field  
  • Press Alt + L to select KOT printer from the list. 
  • Repeat this process to attach KOT printer with all the desired menu items. You can also update those using multi-select with SHIFT + Arrow keys.

  • Save
  • Exit
  • Now you can print KOTs from your Ethernet KOT printer.


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