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How to Set up FusionRetail6 with an Ethernet printer in DOS mode?


Please use the following steps to configure FusionRetail6 with an Samsung Ethernet printer.

Step1: Install the Ethernet configuration Driver and setup the IP port

Step2: Setting up the Generic Text printer for DOS mode printing

  • Install a Generic Text printer in the local PC
  • Open the Properties of that generic text printer

  • Open Ports tab

  • Click in Add port Button

  • Select Standard TCP/IP Port from the list and press the New Port button. It will open a wizard.

  • Click the Next button
  • Enter the IP address of the printer then click on the next button.

Ethernet Printer Port

  • Click “Next” in the following Window.

  • Now click on the “Finish" button
  • The property page display again with the New IP port (selected) Click on the “Apply” button.

  • Now click on the Printer Command tab (OPTIONAL)

  • You can put the following codes in the boxes (OPTIONAL)
    • Begin Print Job:
      • <1B><21><10> Make print Large Size Or
      • <1B><21><00> Make print Normal Size Or
      • <1B><21><01> Make print Condensed Size
    • End Print Job:
      •  <1D><56><42><00> Trigger Auto-Cutter Or        
      •  <0A><0A><1D><56><42><00><0D>

Note: For some printers, you must add <0D> onto the end of each sequence above.

  • Click on Apply Button.
  • Select The Device Setting Tab and Make all the setting to 6 ¾ Envelope

  • Now press Apply and OK
  • Go Printing Preferences >Advanced>Paper Size set it as Letter

  • Press Ok button
  • Make the printer Default  
  • Give an Test Print and check the printer.

Step3: Set Up in FusionRetail6 For DOS Mode printing

  • Save and Exit.
  • Select the Bill Printer name from the list and save

Note: Now your Ethernet printer is ready to print with FusionRetail6.


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