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How to use PNT print option in Fusionretail6?


PNT option is very easy to implement in Fusionretail6. If you use Default printer, it make you able to use only one printer, but PNT method enables you to use different printers simultaneously. To use PNT printer setting please use the following steps…


  1. Go to Start > Settings > Printer And Faxes
  2. Install a Generic Text printer
  3. Right Click on the Generic Text printer
  4. Select Printer Properties
  5. Change the name as PNT1 (or you can select any one from PNT1 to PNT9 as a name)
  6. Click on OK


  1. Run Fusionretail6 software
  2. Go to Main Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Station Setup(T> A> S)
  3. Alt + L (open list)
  4. Select Station Name from the list
  5. Go to Bill Printer field
  6. Press Ctrl + N
  7. Enter a suitable Device name
  8. Set Device Type = Receipt Printer
  9. Set Driver Type = DOS
  10. Set Device Port = PNT1 (as given in printer name, in point no 5 of step1)
  11. Enter other details
  12. Save


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