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What are the basic steps I should follow to set up DOS printing in FusionRetail6?


You can use two different mode of printing in FusionRetail6 as OPOS mode and DOS mode. To set up a DOS printer please use the following steps…


  1. Go to Main Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Station Setup (T> A> S)
  2. Alt + L
  3. Select station name from the list
  4. Go to Bill Printer field
  5. Ctrl + N (create a new printer) 
  6. Give a suitable device name in Device Name field 
  7. Set Device Type = Receipt Printer
  8. Set Driver Type = DOS
  9. Set No of Column = 40
  10. Select the current port from the list. Following table will help you for selection of port.

 Port Type

 Item to be selected from the list


 LP1 to LPT9 (according to device manager)


 COM1 to COM9 (according to device manager)



 You can use the Following commands with DOS Device Option.



 Condensed Normal


 Condensed Bold


 Standard Normal


 Standard Bold


 Double Width Normal


 Double Width Bold


 Center Aligned


 Left Aligned


 Cut Command


 Cash Drawer Command

 27,110,0,25,250 (Samsung SRP 350)

  1. Save
  2. Save Station Modify screen


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