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Why I am getting ‘Unable to Print’ message again and again? How could I stop this?

You are getting "Unable to Print" message because you wanted to print something and the printer was not able to print due to some problem.

Printer Error Message


  • FusionRetail 6 keeps trying until it successfully print. You can check the error log report (main > T S E) in order to rectify the problem. You can also click
  • If you do not want to print any more then you can delete the print job.
    • Go to Main > S > T > T 
    • Press P to open the print manager
    • Press D to delete the pending jobs.

Note: FusionRetail 6 store the entire unprinted jobs in different txt file in the \\server\fr6share\STATION folder. Here station is the name of the station where print has to be done. You can choose to delete all the files in that folder manually.

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