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The Sale Person Commission System in FR6


  • Want to set a definite commission for a particular sales person for all products.
  • Want to set a definite commission for a particular brand or subgroup for all sales person.


The Sale Person Commission System in FR6

There are three methods to set Sale Person Commission in FR6. The methods are mentioned below.


Method 1: Sale Person Wise.

1)    Define % of commission in Main > Master Data Management > Others > Sales Person (M > O > S).

2)    Now select Sales Person (waiter) in “Sale Invoice (Touch POS)” using button “W Wait Staff”. After finishing the Sale, the commission value will be automatically attached to the sale in the name of that Sales Person.

3)     In order to check from reports, go to Main Menu > Sale Management > Reports > Sale Register (S > R > S). For item wise view, press ‘Alt + V’. Open Column Chooser by pressing ‘Alt + F3’ and select “SP Comm on Value” and “SP Comm on %”. You can now view the commission percentage and commission value of Sales Person for a sale from Sale Register.


Method 2: Product WiseYou will not find this field in “Product Management” (Product Master) directly. In fact this is controlled by the “Sub Group” and “Brand” Master present within Product Management. For example, press ‘Ctrl + N’ in the“Sub group” field in “Product Management” and open “Sub Group”. Select the concerned subgroup from the list by pressing ‘Alt + L’. Set the “SP commission” for that subgroup. After you save the subgroup, “SP commission” is attached to all products under it.

Similarly it works for brand as well.


Method 3: Product Child wise: It can be done through “Rate Change” module.

1)    Go to Main Menu > Warehouse Management > Transaction > Rate Change (W > T > E).

2)    Press ‘Alt + O’ to open “Rate Change Option Modify”.

3)    Set “SP Commission %” and “SP Commission Value” to “Yes”.

4)    Press ‘Alt + S’ to save.

5)    Now you can set commission value and percentage for each product or product child.

6)    After completion save by pressing ‘Alt + S’.  


  • In "Rate Change", both "SP Com %" and "SP Com Amt" will not work together.
  • It is used in retail “Sale Invoice (Scan POS)”. It does not work for restaurant “Sale Invoice (Touch POS)”.



If you define the commission in both the Sales Person Master and Product Master then it will take commission from Sales Person Master. In case of "Sale Invoice (Scan POS)" the priority is Product Child, Sales person, Brand and then Subgroup. In case of "Sale Invoice (Touch POS)" the priority is Sales person, Brand and then Subgroup.


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