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Setting up separate counters for Order, Cash and Delivery in Sweet Shop.

Working pattern of a Typical Mithai Shop: At a slightly bigger sweet shop, you might have noticed the separate order counter, delivery counter and cash counter. This is done because of a primary reason which is “the customers need to see the mithai before they buy it”. Another reason is to prevent billing and cash fraud. However the customer satisfaction is the centre of this process.

The shop may have separate sweet counter, for example, Bengali mithai, dry fruit mithai, bakery and low calorie sweets. These are the steps you normally take when you go to purchase sweets:

  1. You go to a dry fruit sweet counter to check the varieties of sweets before making your choice.
  2. After deciding, you give the order to the dry fruit sweet counter.
  3. Then you go to other Bengali sweets' counter.
  4. You give the order to the Bengali sweet counter.
  5. Then you go to the cash counter to make payment.
  6. Finally you collect the sweets from delivery counter.

A Typical Mithai Shop Counter


Behind the scene process:

At Order Counter:

  • Need Computer + Printer at each counter.
  • Print Order Slip with barcode. A barcode in it will help to save the time of Cashier.
  • Print Packing Slip without barcode.
  • Pack the Item and attach the Packing Slip with the packet and send it to delivery counter.
  • Same process on other counters, until the customer goes to cashier.
  • There is a need to differentiate the Order Slip with the Final Bill. Visible difference in header and footer is must. Using multi colour stationery is good idea but it’s difficult to maintain.
  • The Order Slip will not have the heading but the order number. It should clearly say that it is an order and not a valid bill.
  • The Order Slip should be numbered day-wise, so that it can be easily identified by packer, cashier and delivery boy.
  • The Order Number (Daily format) should be printed in BOLD fonts, so that finding the number is easy and less time consuming.


At Cash Counter:

  • After we are done with ordering, the order slip(s) are sent to the cash counter.
  • At Cash Counter, the slips are scanned one by one to create single bill. Separate bills too can be created for each order.
  • Payment is collected.
  • A bill along with a Delivery Coupon is given to be sent at the Delivery Counter. It has the delivery details provided by the Order Counter.
  • Cashier is presented with a report showing orders which are still left as UNPAID. There are remote possibilities that customer ordered on 2 counters but left the shop (for any reason like urgency or to make fun out of it) without making payment and delivery. These packed sweets may get spoiled if no one notices. This report saves you.


At Delivery Counter:

  • The Bill wtih the Delivery Coupon are sent to the delivery counter.
  • The delivery boy checks the BOLD number in bill.
  • Puts a "Delivered" Stamp and makes the delivery.


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